Once upon a time there was a land where dragons and magic lived in harmony with humans.  They lived in peace for so many years together until the year of devastation.

A sorcerer told a prophecy about a year of death and destruction. He warned that the demon race will raise from hell to turn the world into complete and utter carnage. They swore they’d get revenge for their race when they return. This is the year that devastation has come.

I didn’t think when they told us it would be constant blood-curdling carnage, I didn’t think it would be like this..

I’m standing here staring out above the horizon.  I see another fleet of warriors charging towards us as we turn to retreat. I see my comrades falling around me, no way of escape and they still have forces closing in, they have us surrounded no way out,

“I will not stop fighting” I said before I got impaled in the back by the demon king’s spear, made of dark ice.

Rumours say if the spear touches human blood they will hear the screams of their ancestors.