I woke up from the sound of bangs against the castle walls. Looking through the window, I saw several cyclopes punching the walls. In the distance I see Aaron, naruto running to distract the cyclopes. Jumping out of bed I rush to the armoury, grabbing a bunch of weapons ranging from swords to maces. I went up to the wall facing one of the cyclopes and with my power of telekinesis, I launch half of my weapons towards the cyclopes’ head. Only the long sword I launched landed a fatal wound to the cyclopes but I didn’t kill it. In fact, the long sword angered and outraged the cyclopes.

The cyclopes fist was too fast for me to see and I got shot into the castle’s throne room at lightning speed. Panic and screams can be heard as I shot through a tower and into the throne room. Luckily, I was able to somewhat brace myself for the impact with my telekinesis but I was fatally wounded. People inside the throne room were blown away as well and some even died. Aaron had retreated because he was being overwhelmed by the three cyclopes. 

A middle aged man helped me get up and as wounded as I was, I told him to take me to the front garden of the castle. There were boulders and the like near the garden. In the distance, the cyclopes had almost completely demolished the front wall and the final defensive barricades. I decided to launch the boulders at the cyclopes but as I was about to, the middle aged man starts acting weird. Tentacles start tearing through his body. He then starts attacking and strikes my limbs. However, before the Horde member could land a certain death kill, Aaron runs and sacrifices himself. All the tentacles pierce through Aaron’s body, killing him in mere seconds. In his last seconds of life Aaron self destructs, killing himself along with the Horde member. Knowing to not let his death be in vain. I hurl boulder after boulder at the incoming cyclopes. Although the cyclopes are tough and resilient, the couldn’t withstand the force of a moving boulder and was crushed into piles of bloody mess. The battle was finally over. 

A few years had passed and construction to rebuild the defences was tough but necessary work. Aaron’s death gave way for stronger and more brave people to rise within the castle. However, everything changed when Mediras attacked.