Cleo leaned over the wall, scanning the area for any threats. She sighed her blonde hair shining in two long braids, she wore torn and ragged clothes, with one part of her top coming off, but not enough to expose too much skin, she had a scuffed golden necklace and had two, golden bracelets that had the appearance of Cobras on her arms.

She pushed away and headed outside.

“Come on, Rael, let’s go” she sighed.

“What is it now? Orcs?” a rusty and harsh voice grumbled from a dark room nearby.

“No” she said, more boldly than before.

“Giants?” the voice grunted angrily.


“Rael, we are just going to find that egg” Cleo sighed again.

“Why?” Rael asked, “No one else had found it, what makes you think we can?”

Cleo sternly replied “Because, we need to find it before someone with dastardly intentions finds it”

“So? Even if they did, they probably won’t be able to hatch it, it only hatches for someone with ‘A Gift’. So this is pointless” Rael grunted in an agitated tone.


Cleo remained silent as she brought the disgruntled Hippogriff out, he huffed and stamped  in the dusty room as she mounted him.

The white and brown Hippogriff preened his wings before he lowered his head, his beak tilted slightly towards the ground, His back hooves prepped for a running start and his front claws flexed in the dusty ground. His wings unfolded as he charged, nearly coming straight off the edge before he rose, with Cleo clutching onto his feathery neck, her face nearly covered in white and brown feathers as they slowly went higher in altitude.

They had reached a steady height when Cleo yelled out “Go into the mountains this time!”

Rael found there was no point of arguing and turned towards the mountains past the Hellfire Club, their home.


“See?” Rael called out. “No egg. Let’s go back before we anger any Gods”.

“We are close. I know it, Rael, don’t give up!”

They didn’t get far when they found a small cave in the side of one of the mountains, and as they entered they saw a blue, speckled egg.

“That can not be the dragon egg, can it?” Rael asked,he sounded genuinely shocked.

“It must be, look at it!” Cleo was in a larger state of shock.

They made their way to it as Rael allowed Cleo to lift it up. They raced back to their home as fast as they could.

“So…what now?” Rael stated, he was mad after the landing because he landed too fast and broke a claw.

“We protect it” Cleo responded.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see if it’s going to hatch for you?” Rael asked.

“No, I’m not going to touch it” Cleo retorted hastily.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing, you are going to find the dragon riders”

“What?” Rael shouted. “I’m not flying to God knows where just to find some dragon riders!” he protested.

“I can’t go, can I?” Cleo yelled. She was visibly losing patience.

“Fine, but only if you hold the egg” retorted Rael.

Cleo gave Rael a scornful look as she picked up the egg.

“There. Now go and find a dragon rider.”

Rael nodded, and flew off towards the castle. Cleo watched while holding the egg.

It hadn’t been an hour when Cleo noticed the egg had cracked. That couldn’t have been it hatching, could it? She thought to herself as she investigated, and saw the crack get bigger as smoke rose from it, and Cleo knew she had to get it outside. She dropped it on the grass as it burst into flame, and a small, scaley oceanic-blue dragon looked up at her. She was dumbstruck by its beautiful scales, but heard yelling coming closer and saw Orcs making their way up the mountain. Rael, where are you? She thought as she picked the dragon up and raced down the other side of the mountain.

She was just escaping the woods when she heard a call above her.

“Rael, thank the Gods you’re here”

“What in the Underworld is going on here?” Rael yelled.

“The egg hatched, but Orcs are following me”

“Told you” he chirped childishly.

“This isn’t the time to be petty, Rael, come on”.

He sighed as he landed, allowing Cleo to mount him with the dragon hatchling in her arms and within seconds were off the ground and making their way across the land.

They were near the aerodrome when they were knocked off course.

They found a small tower and landed in the window and it looked as if the owner had been gone for many years, so they decided to set up camp there. They taught the hatchling to fly and it grew older with time, and they tried to help protect the nearby towns in the area.

Cleo sat in the tower, which had changed drastically since they found it 5 years prior.

She wasn’t there for long until she noticed smoke rising from a nearby town, and called out,


The white and brown Hippogriff came fumbling to her, asking;

“What? What is it now?”

“There’s a town on fire, over to the east.”


“We need to help whoever may be inside”

“Why? I was fine asleep…”

“I need you to go over and scout, try to see if anyone is there, if they are, get them out alive.”

“Fine. But don’t count on them being alive.”

“I mean it, if you don’t take this seriously you’ll sleep outside this week, and don’t forget to come back once you’re done”

The hippogriff grunted wearily and charged out the window, disappearing out of sight for a few seconds and then reappearing, flying towards the burning village.

It took 15 minutes for Rael to return, he gave Cleo the go ahead and she raced downstairs and out the door.

Outside there was a large, scaly oceanic blue dragon, with a light blue underbelly, Darker blue scales running down the sides of the dragon, large fins that were electric blue that ran down its back to its tail with a large, blue fin at the end, spread out horizontally, its head had smaller fins on either side, silvery white horns coming off the top of its head with two ridges on either side below each horn. The dragon had a large mouth with two rows of large spiked teeth on both jaws, with a large forked tongue resting inside, the creature’s eyes were a yellowish orange with streaks of red and blue, reminiscent of flames, with a deep black pupils streaking down each eye.

Cleo mounted the large Dragon, and it kicked off the ground and began flight immediately, its large wings beating at the air as it flew, roaring as it reached the village. Cleo spotted a gang of orcs running from the village, clearly escaping from the village with large sums of stolen items

“Mizu, Fire!” She yelled loudly

The dragon grunted, and its stomach began to glow with a Blue light, Mizu went lower to the ground, and roared as bright blue flames erupted from the beast’s jaws, one talon outstretched and grabbed the stolen items, which were stored in a sack that was now greatly burned.

Cleo directed the dragon towards the nearby lake, and Mizu dipped her head under, and when her head resurfaced, Cleo guided her towards the village, and as they flew over it, Mizu sprayed the water over the flames, and using her wings and tail helped put the flames out.

When they returned, the dragon landed softly, and lowered her head to allow Cleo to dismount safely, she went back inside, and greeted Rael, who was asleep again. She sat down in her chair and waited for her next task.