It’s been days since I’ve seen action from down below, mostly down to the fact that I have been distracted by my closest ally Alex, we have been constantly arguing,

Carrying the fire makes no sense we need to protect ourselves by any means, showing mercy or compassion is exactly what has gotten people killed” he says.

I disagree. We are the good guys, we need to carry the fire and show an example to others.

I’ve heard explosions and seen smoke coming from Brok’s territory or as he calls himself, “Rookybrook Emperor of Doom” – his modesty never ceases to amaze me. Brok was actually one of my closest and trustworthy friends but he decided his life was worth more than the rest of us.

Alex turns to me and furrows his eyebrows,

“What are you thinking about?” I question.

“I’m going down to gather supplies” he says,” we both know now is a prime opportunity to go and stock up on essentials”

I look him in the eye

“Are you crazy? We’re sitting targets as it is! The best thing to do right now is stay inside and be on guard. We need to think strategically here, both our lives are at stake, You can’t just think about yourself Alex. I’m putting my foot down, you’re not going and that’s that.”

Alex gives me this look of disbelief that I’ve told him what to do.

“I’m done listening to you and your constant whining, the reason we are sitting ducks is because of you and your paranoia , I’m going whether you agree or not.”

“Alex you take one more step out of here and you are on your own.”

He turns and slams the door as I hear the thump of his heavy steps towards his house. I hate arguing but he is a handful at times, I just want to keep us safe.


I look through my telescope only to hear the dreaded three bells of warning. I look frantically for any signs where the attackers were going. And then I saw something on the corner of my eye, I use the telescope to focus in on some rustling leaves in the woods below, then I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. There was Alex heading right towards them.


I gather all my weapons and send a flare up in the hope Alex sees it and realises the danger ahead of him.  I go to the woods and climb up an elm tree out of sight, armed with a bow , sharpened stone blade and bucket of black pitch. I hear Alex scream in a way I’ve never heard before,

“ ALEX!” I scream.

We lock eyes, my heart drops, why is he there? I told him to stay inside, But they have already gotten to him, with faces morphed beyond recognition of anything I could compare to them, hands as sharp as blades and a stone cold stare. I had to watch with a heavy heart as they skinned him, turned him inside out, showed no mercy,  I realised they weren’t human, so I won’t treat them as such.


I started my executions, picking them off one by one from the trees but I knew I couldn’t kill them all before my hiding place was seen. One of the creatures had a flaming torch so I poured my black pitch all around in circle through the trees and back to the orcs and over the torch-bearer. I watched how the fire spread, taking down one tree, then another crumbling and burning with a crackle as I heard those beasts scream and struggle. I watched them burn, it hurt. I felt nothing, but powerful all at the same time, as if I was God. Maybe Brok, Emperor of the orcs, wasn’t the bad guy after all, maybe this is the peak of human emotion, maybe causing the fire is better than carrying it.