“The zombies are going to push in around 10 minutes” I said to my squad member Daragh.

“Alright, you ready?”

Of course I was. I didn’t even care if I was to die.

“Yeah, of course I am” I replied

“Chillax, I was only asking” he replied.

Out of nowhere Bongo jumped inside our little base. We were already holding our glocks at him and he did not bother. Bongo is our dog, a German Shepherd. He was a smart dog, if he wanted to be. He HATES the zombies. So do we. We’re developing metal jaws for him and even full body armour. We managed to be the first ones to the military base, without running into trouble. We’ve noticed that all the zombies are heading towards Tallaght for some reason. There were seven choppers and the range of weapons was great and we have picked weapons that represented us and matched us.

I chose a shotgun and a dagger, Daragh chose really defensive but silent weapons. An iron shield and a silenced P-90. Confusing, I thought.

“3 mins” Daragh said.

Alright, time to fight, as I thought that a zombie broke through. Bongo, as soon as he saw a rotten hand leaped five metres just to rip his hand off. The zombies managed to continue,  it made them shout and try harder.

I had a shotgun and Daragh left, without telling me. As they broke in I looked around, but no Daragh. “That bastard sketched” I shouted.

As I was killing zombies I realised Bongo wasn’t affected by the zombie bites. Out of nowhere a bunch of people from around Tallaght came to raid us.

They were wearing rusty metal plates over them and collecting zombie tongues on their belts. Bongo picked up the scent and ran towards them thinking they were rattlers, a form of zombies that collect tongues of real people. When they notice you they spit infected blood at you and loudly rattle.

Bongo heard them and ran towards them, biting off one of their arms. I rushed towards them as Bongo started tearing at another person’s leg. I demanded him to stop and asked the people what they were doing

“That dog is a psycho!” one shouted. “Listen he does right, what have you come here for?” I replied.

“We shot him twice with a glock and he managed to take them to the head and survive!” he shouted again.

“ALRIGHT first you’ll need more than a glock to kill Bongo, SECOND, why are you here?” I shouted.

“To kill you and take everything you’ve got” said the only non-wounded one.

Bongo tore his hand off. And I shot him straight in the chest. Dead. They had advanced technology and had an antidote.

I discovered the antidote because later Bongo sniffed a yellow liquid and instantly tried to break it. He didn’t like it and when I tried it on a zombie that was a crawler, he changed into a human and screamed because half of his body was ripped off. Bongo for the first time ever, was scared, and ran away.

I took the 7th chopper because I remembered that one had petrol. On my way I put autopilot on and changed the water spray into antidote, put it in the canister and changed three quarters of the population to human. Then as I  flew a rocket shot towards me and Bongo. Bongo jumped out as I skydived towards land, I knew Bongo would survive, but me?


Out of nowhere another person grew out of my head. I screamed but it said

“I am a parasite. I shall grant you protection and courage if you let me feast on your nutrients. So I agreed. It grew in a cocoon around me and I felt scared. I heard the impact but did not feel it. Bongo licked my right hand that the parasite had taken over, he liked it.

I saw Tom and his face was full of terror.

“You just made them a lot worse!” he shouted.

“What do you mean?” I replied. “It was the antidote! They are human now”

“You dimbo that was a strength liquid. Now they are stronger!Look!”

He pointed at Bongo and grabbed the antidote. Bongo ran ten miles away.

“We should go to the mountains, you didn’t spray the strengthener there” Tom said.

I nodded and we headed towards the mountains.

I heard a noise, a shout. I saw a man pinned by a female zombie. My parasite woke up and said “we should help, he’s not yet infected.”

We saved him, I chopped her head off with the claws and blades part of my right hand. Tom shot her.

“Join us.” I said.