Me and David were doing our daily brunch of eating chicken wings when a zombie walks in the door and starts eating our supply of chicken wings. I got so mad I boxed him in the nose. He screamed, AHHHH! It turns out it was Dara, with face paints on so that he looked like a zombie. I gave him a plaster even though he wasn’t bleeding or bruised.

David got up and tripped over a pile of chicken wing bones, he picked a handful up and shoved it in his mouth. He started to choke so I gave him the Heimlich manoeuvre and he spit it back up. I asked him what he was doing, he said he lost the will to live, but I wasn’t going to let him die the easy way.


“You know what, let’s get out of here.” I said. “ I am sick of zombies. David, start up the motorbike!”

We got on. I had to drive and dara and David got on the back. David had a sniper to scope out ahead. Dara had a massive suitcase of chicken wings and bluespark. Bluespark is a drink that is a rip-off of Red Bull, and kills zombies if they get close.  When we were passing the I.T.T we saw Adam aiming at us with an AK-47 so I turned and David 360 no-scoped him. Later we were hungry, so we took a break and had some chicken wings and bluespark. We saw a zombie trying to get away with the motorbike, I turned to David and nodded. Before the zombie could start it up David blasted his head off. We got to Liffey Valley safely. We needed to stock up on chicken wings, bluespark and petrol.  We were nearly free, until we saw John! David passed his sniper to me and I stood up on the motorbike, closed my eyes, and shot.

It turns out I missed, but I threw the gun on the floor and revved the engine and sped off, away forever.

That’s what we thought. We could see a gang of people from Ballymun. You could tell they were from Ballymun because they were eating battered sausages and shirts that said “Ballymun Snatch”. I wished I didn’t throw the gun on the ground because we really needed it. But I ran over them with the motorbike!

We thought of where to go, and I said Meath because we can get medical help for David because last week he got bit by a zombie but has been fine, but we have to be certain that everything is alright.