After we had collected the water from the Dodder, we re-armed, collecting our guns and ammunition and heading back into the forest to apply more trip mines along the trees. It was me and Tony’s job, and we have been doing it for two weeks since the last two accidentally set off a chain reaction.

When we gathered in base we overheard Chief saying we were en route to attack Templeogue, the last Authority camp in this sector. I’ve seen glimpses of what their barracks is like, twelve-foot walls with electric barbed wire on top, bloodstains on the outer walls, dogs guarding the gate and watchtowers with turrets. One wrong move and you’re done.

We’re planned to attack at 4am tomorrow so I close my eyes to rest.

…and they reopen and we’re in the back of the stolen Authority truck we got after taking over the Hell Fire Club.  A delivery comes in at 4 am every day at Templeogue, so we are sneaking in with them.

As soon as they open the back, all hell breaks loose. I hear faint footsteps getting louder and aim my gun at the entrance awaiting a soldier.

Boom! Bullets firing. Explosions going off, machine guns are constant and spotlights are shining bright on us. We jump out of the vehicle with guns blazing. We rush into the main building after fighting off the troops that were on the ground. Now, we headed for the Commander’s office which is located on the North East side. We cleared rooms as we explored the building.

We reach the corridor containing the Commander’s office. It is quiet. Too quiet. Chief runs over to the door and kicks it open, rushing in and the door closes, screaming and fighting begins.


Boom! An explosion at the Square has gone off, leaving everyone dazed and dizzy. People get back to their feet and shriek in fear of what happened. I run over, looking for my father, only to realise I see his lifeless body next to some rubble.

(back to reality)

Boom! Suddenly an explosion has blown up the office. We stop, in silence.


I remember coming home on that special Friday, the day of my daughter’s birthday. The pure happiness and smile on her face. Holding her in my arms.

(back to reality)

Tony and I walk over to see if chief is there – we find nothing. We gather at the entrance of the compound. I ask how many casualties – “fourteen”. I’m relieved but devastated at the same time. I call for a radio and order a mortar strike on the Templeogue compound to get rid of any enemy stragglers. We have taken the last outpost in this sector.