A loud banging woke me up. I sat up and looked to the side. Where was Laura? I heard the growling behind the door and I knew that baging wasn’t her. It definitely wasn’t human. I got up and gathered some supplies in a hurry. More banging.

Laura had left no sign of where she went, no note or anything. The door broke down and I saw the creature with black eyes, accompanied by two others behind it.

I made a run for it through the back door. There was no time left. I had been running for ten minutes and my lungs felt like they were on fire, so I stopped. I got my breath back and ducked behind a car. Then I heard it. A growling that was only centimetres away and I felt a force grab me. It turned me around and I saw the empty black eyes. It sent a chill through me, I had never seen one this close.

I froze for a second. Then I snapped back to reality and managed to elbow it in the head. It let go and I started running without any idea as to where I was going. Then I saw gates and a sign that read “I.T Tallaght”. I got to the front door and tired to open it but it wouldn’t budge. I walked around and found a crowbar. I managed to pry it open. I held it up in a stance that was ready to swing, and I entered. It was so quiet that I could hear my footsteps. I stopped and there was complete silence. I lowered my crowbar.

I heard someone yell and next thing I knew, something was on my back. It clawed at my face and I struggled to get it off me. Eventually I threw myself backwards on the floor and whatever it was screamed on the impact and I ran into the closest door, grabbing my crowbar on the way. After a minute, I heard a quiet knocking.

“I come in peace…”

Those things can talk? I put my ear to the door.

“Sorry for the attack. I only realised you were human when you picked up the crowbar. No zombie would think to protect themselves like that” the voice from outside explained. I opened the door and I saw her eyes. She was human. But I noticed a mark on her forearm and she noticed me looking.

“But don’t worry” she said with a hand on the door so I wouldn’t close it. “Someone left some research in here and I read it. It said someone can be cured if I find some wild eucalyptus. But I need someone to come with me…”

I walked past her. Her story didn’t seem trustworthy.

“I’m sorry but my main priority now is to find my sister, Laura. I don’t have time to go on your little adventure based on a theory.”

She grabbed my shoulder to stop me.

“ My Dad was a pharmacist so I know it can help. I still have about a week before I turn. And, I can help you find your sister. I heard there is a tribe of survivors taking people as experiments to find out how to stop the virus completely.”

“Do you know where they are?”

She rolled her eyes.

“Would I be telling you if I didn’t?”

I considered her proposal.

“Fine. We’ll find your thing first, and straight after we find my sister. Deal?”

She grinned and held out her hand. “Deal!”

We shook hands and she showed me around. But as we were walking, I noticed a black substance oozing out of her wound.