I’m standing at the sea. I look out into the vast abyss and at the horizon.  It’s amazing how such a thin line can hold so many secrets.


What is beyond that line? If I kept going would I eventually reach a parallel universe where there was no fear? I’m sick of fear. But I constantly feel it.


I don’t have much time. I can already feel the air getting colder and the night approaching. I know there’s a portal near here somewhere but my memory has been wiped clean. They took it from me.


They invited me in, tried to make me one of their own, told me I could live a better life, one that was better than my last.  I lost my best friend. They told me they knew where he was. That he never died. That they could bring me to him. That I didn’t have to be afraid anymore. But they weren’t telling me the full truth.


They were always one step ahead. They always knew something I didn’t. Promising me these amazing things, but never doing anything about them. I got too curious they said. That I wasn’t sticking to the plan, that I was playing for myself and not for a team.


But there was never a team.