Trapped. Lost. Broken. Demolished. These are the four words I live by everyday. These are words used to describe my land, my area, my life. We live in a world where people judge people, it’s human nature. We live in a world where danger is evident and there is no way of backing out.


I took a look at my surroundings, the grey rubble that bounces off the ground. The patches of grass that were scattered unevenly along the field. The dark grey clouds that were closing in like the gates of hell. But I wouldn’t be surprised, this was hell. Nobody understood what it is like to live this lifestyle and to earn your right for survival.


I dragged my feet back inside my “house” that was made up of four walls and a bed. I looked down at the woman who was the only reason for my existence. She was frail, she was weak and fragile and was holding onto life with a single thread. I entwined my fingers with her small boney fingers and laid a small kiss on it. I watched as her chest slowly raised and slowly came back down. Her breathing was weak and her body was quivering with cold.


“You’re going to be alright, Mother. I’m going to make this better”. She shook her head slowly in response.


“Better for you…better for me…better for all of us.”


I stroked her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead. I stood up and released a breath. My mother shook her head frantically and attempted to sit up but I pushed her body back against the bed with my firm grip.


“I’m going to end this” I whispered whilst gritting my teeth harshly.


I stormed out of for walls made up with a bed and looked out into the open air with a pair of brand new eyes.  The burning buildings, the smoldering remains of homes and churches. The distant wails of infants losing their lives and their mothers.


I began my journey. The journey to take a stand and make a change. I made my way across the dispatched roads, slowly taking in what was happening. Everything was changing. Clondalkin was to be demolished and no one was doing anything. The darkness inside was slowly becoming larger and larger the more this new reality began to sink in.


The people of my area are being killed by the Orcs and the hierarchy because they look like me.


For years we have been suffering and putting up with the wicked ways of society and their laws.

But that must end. It must end today. I glance down to the ground and my eyes widen at the sight of the long silver blade.


I held it up with my two small hands and stared at it in awe as it catches the light. I knew then and there that I was about to start a war. But I sure as hell was going to win it.