Here I am at Liffey Valley, leading a group of people I would’ve called strangers two weeks ago to stop the evil creatures slowly taking over the world and killing people. We have to find their leader “Meneris” who we aim to destroy. 

We stepped out into the blizzard and we left few people behind. We held our horses because they couldn’t see. We were trained and ready to face Meneris. We walked slowly because of the blizzard and the horses were slowing us down. 

I couldn’t see much due to the fog but I could see the shadow of a big creature coming towards us. Then everything stopped. I did what I had to do. I moved forward slowly. Everything was deadly quiet. The horses stopped, so did the rest of the people and the unknown creature as well.

I moved forward quicker because I had five minutes before my power faded away. The creature was a large, two legged animal. It had big fangs and saliva dripping off its teeth. It stood tall and had dark skin which looked ugly, like leather.

I brought out my rifle, cocked it back and shot it as many times as I could. I kept shooting till my power faded away and all noises could be heard again. The creature launched forward at me and fell at the impact of the bullet I shot at it.

I looked back and found all of my army staring back at me. We started moving again because we had no time to lose. Hellfire Club where Meneris is based would be an hour away if we had a car or any other transport but it would take us a day at the pace we were going.

We were at Grange Castle now and I debated whether to call Aaron and Gavin who has their troop set up there. I couldn’t ask the rest of my army for a decision because they went with everything I said. So, I decided to go alone and not pull any other people into battle. 

We moved forward and we’re now around the Square when this three-headed doglike animal jumped in front of us with a huge roar. My initial instinct was to freeze everything which I did but, to my surprise, it didn’t work on the large animal.

All of my army were frozen except the animal who came towards me slowly, studying it’s prey. I reached for my gun but the creature knocked me down with its spiky tail. I was tired and wanted the darkness to take me as the creature expanded towards me slowly.

Then I heard it, Dan’s deafening scream as he plunged the sword into the animal’s stomach. I was pleased but the animal turned and bit Dan and he died. The animal fell to the ground with a loud crash. 

The rest of the journey went by slowly and finally, we reached Hellfire Club where Meneris waited at the door with a knowing and evil grin. I didn’t have time to discuss with her. So, I froze time but that didn’t work at all anymore. My power was gone.

I took my sword and told my army to charge. It was time to fight. Meneris called upon all sorts of creatures to help her but that was for my army to handle. I went straight for the bullseye and I stabbed her from the back. She wasn’t expecting it. She went down with a sickening scream and all of her creatures were exploding one by one.

I fell to the ground and watched everyone rejoicing in our victory. Every moment flashed in front of my eyes. ‘We finally won’ was my last thought as the darkness embraced me.