I was walking down the street as my ring fell off. I was about to pick it up but a cat was faster and he picked it up. He started running. “Hey! Come back here!” I shouted in vain, so I chased him. 

The sun was setting down and I still couldn’t find that cat. I was about to give up until someone pushed me into a stream and as I got up, I realised I was all alone. No cars, no people. “Where is everyone?” I thought. And as if someone heard me, I heard “in the other world”. I turned around to see the cat with my ring beside a humanoid crow which spoke “Don’t worry, I’ll send you back but I need something from you”. He couldn’t finish as the cat jumped over him and started attacking him and hissing.

He took something and came to me, transforming from a small cat into a giant bird-monster. He grabbed me and flew away with me into the mysterious world. As he landed, he turned back into a cat and said “You really like getting in trouble, don’t you?” and I replied “W-what’s going on? Who are you? What is this pla-”. I couldn’t continue as the cat interrupted “Ah jeez. Too many questions. I know you are confused, so I’ll explain everything and you better pay attention because I’m not saying it again!” I agreed. “You were sent to another dimension, the reflection dimension. That crow looking guy is Balthazar.

“Your mother sealed him here so he couldn’t go to the real world and cause destruction, but with your mother gone, her seal has broken and Balthazar will spread his evilness on the world. You have the power of your mother. You are the only one who can seal him back again and save the world, with the power of your ring that once belonged to your mother. First, I’ll train you. A power that big in the wrong hands can end in disaster!”. 

Rough months went by, months in which I trained until the night was in the sky. After these months, I was ready. 

And there I was. Face to face with the evil Balthazar. After defeating all those monsters, it was time for the final battle. “BALTHAZAR!” I shouted and immediately started attacking. It wasn’t easy. He knew how to fight, but after a long battle, he fell on this knees with exhaustion. The cat was beside me as he spoke “Take his necklace”, so I did. He turned to dust which was blown by the light wind. “Finally” I said. But peace didn’t last too long as I heard the cat laughing behind me, “You fool! I am Balthazar! That peasant you murdered was the Guardian of my-”,
“Why did you help me back then?” I asked, “You could have taken the ring and escaped”.
“If I did, I wouldn’t have gotten to see the look of betrayal on your face when you found out” the cat laughed as he went to the real world, leaving me stuck here forever.