“I know how you feel about this, but you and I both know this is the only way” Grace said to me. I looked down at the ground and exhaled. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just not sure if I can bring myself to use my powers again.” Tears slowly started welling up in my eyes. “Hey, hey! Calm down.” Grace rushed up to me before sitting me down on a nearby chair. “Tallaght wasn’t your fault. It was them. The chemical bombs reduced the place to ashes, not you.” “How would you know?” I spat back, clearly not in control of my emotions. “Your powers aren’t nearly as complicated as mine.” “Okay, I’ll admit. Teleportation isn’t nearly as complicated as control over light and dark.” She said to me. “Hell, you’re basically balance incarnate. But that means we both need to be in the right state of mind.

And sometimes, that’s hard enough on its own.” She stood up and presented a blade in front of me. “So, you with us or not?” The shortblade, my preferred weapon of choice. Lightweight and still packs a punch. The blade guards were encrusted with white and black wings, and it hummed a harmonic buzz. I called it Eclipse. “I’d rather right than take that awful drug again.” I said, wiping the tears from my eyes and grabbing the blade’s hilt. “Let’s do this.” The march towards the former Mill was a long one, but once the building came into view it was truly a horror to behold. The once peaceful shopping centre had been turned into a mechanical fortress of pain and despair, and always emanated a red glow. Here, we’d make our stand. Either we live to fight another day, or don’t.

The army approached the mill cautiously at first, but went on at full assault once they got close enough. Barely any time passed before the front wall of the Mill was destroyed, and the masses started flooding in. Grace and I entered the building ten minutes before the assault to disable the turrets. The attack began as soon as they were down, and we heard the cries of war from outside. “Time to find the security console.” I said. “It should be near the armoury, but we still have to act cautiously – they haven’t breached the wall yet.” Grace replied. We ran towards the armoury, formally where Dunnes was located, and entered a vent shaft. From there we crawled our way about half of the room before having to drop down. “Once we get down, grab a guard and bring him behind the desk.” I say. “I’ll interrogate him then.” I rushed to the desk as Grace grabbed a guard and brought him to the desk. From there I put my hands on his head as he tried to scream, but no noise came from his mouth. I let go once I found what I was looking for.

 “Security room is there.” I said as I pointed towards a nearby door. “Prepare for jump.” Grace said as she grabbed my hand. In an instant we were in the security room, but two guards were in there. I unsheathed my blade and quickly cut down the guards. Grace rushed to the console and started typing in something. A few minutes passed before she slammed the table, “Motherfu- I can’t get passed the mainframe! This is useless… This has all been for nothing…”

I can see the despair in my sister’s eyes and realise something. “No, there is a way.” I say to her. “I can overload the systems to explode at the same time, which will destroy the base.” Grace straightened herself. “But, that would mean that someone would have to stay behi- “She looked at my face, devoid of emotion. Then she realised what I was saying. “No. No. Nonononono! I won’t let you throw your life away! Please!” “Grace- “ “There has to be another way.” I grabbed Grace’s hands and looked her dead in the eyes. “Go.” I said as I pushed her out of the room.

I locked the door, and created a field so she couldn’t get back in. Moments passed and the rebels escaped the base. Once everyone was clear of the blast zone, Grace started running towards the Mill, but it was too late. The building exploded erupting into a shower of flame. Grace’s scream could be heard from miles away. As far as everyone was concerned, I was dead. “You know; you could always go back.” “We don’t have that option. As far as everyone is concerned, I’m dead. Should probably stay that way.” “You sure?” “Positive.” “Sorry about your blade.”

I was sitting in an abandoned bar talking to myself. Well, the aspects of light and dark within me that take physical forms and their own thoughts. “It’s fine, plus these energy weapons are cool.” “A combo of an axe and katana are cool.” It’s been a few months since the raid. When I found out I lived, I took matters into my own hands. I’ll take down the Authority, follow my own rules, and stop all who get in my way. If they’re a rebel, I’ll probably leave them be. If it’s Grace… We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.