The young people of the Institute of Technology Tallaght had gathered at the red cow. I had called for a Luas strike so none of my workers were in. I was in control of the whole Luas line. I had prepared six trams for the men of the resistance. Three trams would go to Tallaght and three to Saggart. We had an army of about 750 men on each set of trams. The men of Tallaght would take the square as a stronghold, and the last few remaining Authority would be overthrown in Saggart and the resistance would then march on Brittas.


I could hear the fear in the thoughts of the men. I had the chance now to give the men a speech to encourage them to rise up and take back their life. I told the men that the Authority have been ignorant of our needs for too long, and not giving to us as a people what we deserve. With a roar the men boarded the Luas. The trams had been renovated and as the day went on they had been mounted with turrets and spray painted in a bright blue, the colour of the new Authority.


We left for the centres Tallaght and Saggart. I was on a tram for Saggart. We thought it would be an easy battle but there was an easy battle the oracle had predicted a traitor and it was clear now there was a mole on our side.


Three thousand men were waiting at our stop in Saggart waiting to pulverise our Luas with bullets. I told everyone to get off the tram early, an archway covered our men as they departed the tram. The only people left were the men mounting the turrets. I heard their thoughts – they knew what they had to do. They were prepared to fight to the last breath.


I ordered the men to climb to the top of the archway for the high ground. I had prepared for this. All along the tram was loaded with C4 all under the flooring. We were driving straight to the Authority when I heard the firing down on the Authority soldiers with the turrets. As I heard their thoughts feeling they were dying, I detonated the C4 with the last thought fading in my head and bullets piercing my body.


The blast launched hundreds of Authority men into the air, destroying their forces. As my own last thought faded away I panicked and ran out the door of the house at the sight of the Garda. I ran out in the middle of the road without thinking then splat, I was all over the bonnet of a Garda car.


I heard a beeping. Then a voice in my head. “I’m dying, this is finally the end of my battle”. I woke up and looked to my left and seen an old man still with no movement, the beeping had stopped, it was a heart monitor.  He was dead. I was alive. I seen a nurse rushing to his bed. This time I heard a female voice in my head “oh shit, I’ve done it this time”. It was her thoughts. “Don’t worry, he knew it was his time” I said to her. She gasped because I had not spoken out loud.