Mederis, once known as the most powerful druid, now known as the Queen of Evil, is after me and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s to do with my new found power of controlling fire, that she needs me to complete whatever horrid plan she has. It has been exactly 206 days since Clankland was covered in the blanket of snow that gets bigger each day, and since those mysterious portals started opening, allowing creatures from the other side to try and claim this world as their own.

I have made it my mission, alongside Anifa and Chloe, to protect Clankland and prevent that from happening. Today it was my turn to patrol the surrounding area. I made my way to Grange Castle where most of the city’s supplies are now stored. Suddenly I felt the ground tremble, a sign I now know means another portal has opened. I’ve never fought alone! I only feared the worst. The smallest portal opened, revealing one single spider, followed by another, and another. I could easily stomp on these three but I let the fear get to my head and used my powers instead. But, instead of the spiders burning like I has first planned, they multiplied!

One by one they doubled, then they joined together to create a colossal spider. Once again I let fear cloud my judgement and I started to run towards the castle, bringing danger to all its occupants. But I kept running until I heard a voice in my head telling me to stop. When I finally came to my senses and could see Grange Castle in sight, I knew I messed up but I also knew what I had to do. I turned and faced the distorted monster standing in front of me. My mind was telling me to run but my heart was telling me to stay.

Knowing fine well that Grange Castle was weak on defence from the Cyclopses earlier that day, with trembling hands I raised them and summoned fire, yet only sparks flew. Forgetting my fears and thinking more for others. Aaron and Gavin, defenceless in the castle. Anifa and Chloe whom I left in the tower. If I didn’t do this now, what would happen to them? That sparked something deep inside me. An inner flame was bursting to get out.

I had to show Mederis I wasn’t going to let her win, that I was strong, that she was not going to get away with all of this. With a loud scream, I could feel the inner flame coursing through my body, making its way to my hands where it was released. The flames broke down the creature in front of me, leaving only one. I went over and stepped on it, something I should have done at the start.