I lie in bed waiting for the time to come. I packed my bag the night before and prayed for the kingdoms safety. I kissed my sick father goodbye and set out for the Dublin mountains, leaving Clondalkin in jeopardy. 


I was leaving to go hunt as the people of Clondalkin were starving. The orcs had attacked the villages, taking all our food out of greed. My father, the King, is sick and very close to death so I had to go on my own, as much as it hurt. 


As I’m walking through the snowy mountains I pass burnt and torn down houses and as I come around a tree, I see it. Finally. Standing there, innocent eyes darting. I pull the arrow out from my bag and onto the bow, my hands shaking. I think of the starving people. Just as I’m about to release the arrow, there’s a cry and the deer runs away. I look around, searching for danger. There’s a cry again and I see it. It’s a baby orc, alone. I’m weary about going over but then I see two large dead orcs on the ground beside it. “Poor thing,” I think. I go over, slowly. 


I ask it if they’re it’s parents and it nods. I ask where the rest of his family are and he takes my hands and brings me to the centre of the village. They must’ve been the orcs who robbed our village because there was food and produce thrown on the ground. I don’t believe what I see. Orcs bodies spread across the village with the same arrows in their chest as in my bag. I’m confused for a moment, then reality hits. We’re not the victims, they are. 


I couldn’t leave the little orc on its own so I had no choice but to take him home. I couldn’t risk bringing an orc back and no food so I gathered up the food that was stolen before I headed for home. 


When myself and the baby orc reached Clondalkin, there was something wrong but I couldn’t tell what it was. The people had their heads down and wouldn’t speak. My heart stopped when we got to the castle gates. Up high on the pole was hung a black flag. Black for a fallen king. 


As we entered the castle, the guards started aiming arrows at the orc. I shouted for them to stop. All eyes were on me. I cleared my throat and began to speak. “ As all of you know, Orcs have been ‘evil’ as long as time, but I have come to a realisation. WE ARE THE SAME! What I saw in the orcs’ village in the mountains horrified me. They took our food so we slaughtered this orc’s family? This war has to stop now which is why, as your new leader, I declare Clondalkin at peace with the orcs. It won’t be easy but for the wellbeing of our people, it must be done”.