It had been 2 years since the zombies had started to take over. All over one simple phone call that spread the virus rapidly, if only people were not there to answer the phone this situation would have never happened in the first place, life would still be the same as it was before.

I was walking down to the forest in what used to be Tymon park was now a hunting ground I went down with my shotgun on my back and my bulletproof armour on, hoping to find something to eat.I walked through the rusty fallen black gates and walked very silently and hoping to not be heard by anything weather it was a human,  zombie or our next meal.

I walked through the park and that’s when i say it two ducks, I said to myself “omg how lucky am I. I haven’t eaten a proper meal in days and now look at two ducks” I turned my already loaded gun to the front of my torso and went to pull the trigger at the ducks and I heard a gunshot and BAM….

Another man had just shot the ducks straight in the head. I was fuming to say the least. I slowly sneaked up to the dead ducks bodies, I heard someone screaming. I went up, grabbed the two ducks and ran. I sprinted as fast as I could home and my mother was over the moon with the two ducks I had brought home for my family to feast on. I walked up to my brother’s room and he was screaming on the phone and I knew straight away I knew what the phone call was, I grabbed the phone off him and jumped onto the phone and smashed it to bits, He was foaming at the mouth and his eyes were glassy.

I locked his door shut and ran downstairs screaming to tell my mam. She did not seemed panicked at all but when her son has just turned into a zombie i mean most parents would have a mental breakdown but she sat me down at the table and said she was going to tell us tonight at dinner but the government had let out and cure for all the zombies and put one in each major part of Ireland and Tallaght was on the list. “A cure for Zombies so that means i can save my brother if i find it.” I was delighted.

I went out straight away and looked and looked for ages in anywhere i could think to look The Square, Dunnes, Kingswood Castle, Tymon Park and finally I was walking home from searching Kingswood and I saw a gleaming light coming from the top of the Kingswood Clock tower. I ran into the Pub and asked to go to the bathroom and I slipped up to the back stairs and walked onto the roof and saw the box. It was a clear box with a blue gleaming potion inside it.


 I went up and grabbed the box and put it under my coat and ran back downstairs and ran all the way home to Kilnamanagh. I arrived home and went up to my brother and made him drink the potion. It then made him completely normal and back to the way he was. In a Flash the entire world became bright again and everything that was broken was completely fixed and perfect again. No more Zombies back to the normal world again.