So my story starts in my workplace. In a war.

What do I do in there? I supply people in the Dublin Mountains and I send information about Tallaght. How we find information is by our inventions like jet packs, sleeping darts and so on…

One day I woke up and one of my people said that The Authority is coming to attack. So I said to turn on the new invention and start getting everyone to go through the portal.

When we opened the portal some monsters came out.

They looked like demons. The demons started killing my people. I thought this was the end for humans, that we will all be extinct.

A few days later I finally woke up in The Authority base. I thought they are going to kill me but they didn’t.

I know they are keeping me alive only for the information and what were those creatures? While I was thinking, one of the Authority people came in, brought me to one room and put me in a chamber. They were putting needles in my body. I tried to stop them but I was too weak. When they were done I heard them saying something…