I had my earphones blaring music in my ears and my eyes were shut. I had gotten into a huge fight with my mam earlier on about ‘answering back’. I stormed out of the gaff and got on a 25a. I was headed to my fella’s gaff. 

Something slid out from under the seat in front of me and whacked me in the foot. I opened my eyes. It was a black briefcase. There was no one sitting in front of me. That’s weird. I thought maybe someone had left it behind by accident. My curiosity got the best of me so I opened the briefcase.
“What the fuck” I muttered. There was a gun in the briefcase. I sat there in shock. A small, greyish-green warty hand from under the seat tried to get a hold of the briefcase. I let out a roar, “Ahhh, everyone get out! Out! Out! Out!” I shut the briefcase and started running down the stairs. Even though no one knew what was going on, they followed me. 

Once I got off the bus, I kept running. People were shouting at me to come back to answer their questions about what was going on. I kept running. I had to get to JP’s house quick to show him. Unfortunately, the bus stopped two stops too early from where I usually get off so I had a lot of running to do. I had finally entered the park. I was getting close to JP’s estate. The park was empty, not a soul in sight. What was that weird hand thing? Why was there a gun on the bus? Suddenly, something had gotten a hold of my foot and I went flying. I was lying on the hard, cold ground. I looked at what made me trip. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a weird troll looking yoke. It was about one foot tall, bald, greyish-greenish skin, and had all warts all over it’s body. He was wearing red rags that were hanging off him. 

“What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuckkk! Don’t come any closer. I have a gun!” I shouted. My lips were quivering. “I – I – I won’t h-hurt you. Just give me the gun” he stammered (with a British accent). He was clearly scared. “No way. Why would I give some troll a gun that he could kill me with?” I shouted even louder. I got up to my feet, I was towering over the little guy. His jaw dropped. “A troll? How dare you insult me like that. I’m an orc!” he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, opened the briefcase and grabbed the gun. 

“Who are you, what do you want?” I growled. He put his hands up in surrender. “I’m from Britain. I was meant to come to Ireland when you were going to commemorate the RIC but obviously that didn’t end up happening.” he exclaimed.

“Why were you meant to come?” my whole body was shaking. 

“Me and my fellow orcs are meant to invade Ireland. We want to rule the 32 counties. When you were going to commemorate the RIC was a perfect opportunity to do it” he replied. I was in shock. “A-are we in danger?” I stammered. “Grave danger.” he replied.