Today was one of the days where our country was infested with 5G zombies. These zombies started appearing about a week ago and keep increasing in numbers. We figured out where all of these zombies are coming from , they are all 5G users . 5G users are people who have a lot of work information or even just like a lot of space on their phones and want everything to work faster , just ordinary people after all. Last Friday was a voting day for Taoiseach and that’s how everything started . Everyone who was voting had to call and give their votes. Every one of them calls were hacked with a 5G virus because of the amount of radiation it sends through the phone and it causes your brain to fry and become a zombie.

Ever since then , every phone call has 5G hacked into it and if you pick up the phone and hold it to your ear , you become a zombie. These numbers are increasing rapidly and we need to do something to stop it . At the top of the Clock Tower in Kingswood there is a secret system that is a cure to help if anything like this was to ever happen , and the day has come. In order to get to the layer at the top you have to go through a series of dark rooms you would have to walk through. There is a much higher risk of becoming a zombie by going through these rooms because they are dark rooms full of mirrors. One of my biggest fears is not being able to see what’s behind or in front of me.

These mirrors aren’t ordinary mirrors they are mirrors that show you into a different realm and if you look into them it will hypnotize you to go and step into the mirror and you will become part of the whole zombie world. If you enter this world there’s no coming back out. This is something I have to do because I would rather risk my life over my family and friends’ lives , so I have to take this risk. I need to go to the clock tower and do what needs to be done. So I left my house and walked to the clock tower. I had to kill a few zombies.

I walked into the clock and went upstairs and I eventually came to the first room. This one wasn’t so bad because it didn’t have many mirrors in it so I kept my head down the whole time , the next few were the same as well. But it finally came to the last room and the whole room was just made of mirrors. I didn’t know where to look because even the floors were made of mirrors. My only option was to close my eyes and hope for the best. I slowly closed my eyes and started to walk straight. I didn’t know where I was going but I felt my way around the room.

I Found something that seemed to be a handle and pulled it , finally i was on the rooftop . The antenna was worn and I needed to go so I ran over and pulled it out of the ground and it blew me halfway across the roof. It let out a huge signal of power that lasted for millions of miles. Every zombie fell to the floor and woke up a few hours later , normal again.