The year is 2042, December 17th. Heavy snow has hit us, Especially up in the mountains. The snow Doesnt Have all Negatives, for example the snow has slown all the zombies down dramatically so its easier to get from one place to another.

Unfortunately, the hospital is in low supply. So me and milo agreed to go and help the hospital by going and looking for supplys, fortunately me and milo robbed a load of stuff off some fella Madars. Anyways on the way back Milo pointed out some mad looking double decker bus, this saw blades bolted on to the wheels.

So me and milo snuck up behind the bus and they had everyone lined up outside the hospital, it looked like they were going to execute everyone at the hospital but crazily enough there was only 2 people that had the bus, so me and Milo went up behind them and dancedall over them after we gave the hospital all the supplies we stole. Me and milo decided to keep the bus, and I mean that thing is an absolute beast.