The Mages think that they are loved. They have the power. They have all of the wisdom. The rest of us are here to work. To make sure that the steam engines keep running. No one is to ever damage a steam engine. If they do – they’re flogged. The steam engines keep South Dublin running.


People dream of being one of the Mages. To work in the Institute of Technology was every child’s dream. Not mine.


I was seven years old when I found out that I could manipulate water. I was walking down by the Dodder river in Rathfarnham. I reached towards the rippling water and it rose in a thin stream, and met my finger. I should have been shocked – terrified even – but I wasn’t. I had never felt so calm in my entire life.


A few months ago the Mages came forward and said that they had discovered that a harsh winter was coming. Snow. Something that should have sounded so beautiful, but could ruin South Dublin. Snow would kill the steam engines from working.  


I’m seventeen now and I have never told anyone about my power. People with power became Mages, but my power is too threatening to the steam engines. I can condense steam. I can turn the steam back into its original form, water.


When my power gets out of control, I threaten South Dublin’s livelihood. But the Mages had other things to worry about. The portals. No one knows where they lead, or what they bring. All that we know are the rumours that are spreading from Templeogue. That the portals run on fresh water. The portal is in the centre of South Dublin, right beside IT Tallaght.


The Mages always kept and eye on me and my family, the Clarkes. “An odd family”  “and the daughter, Kayla? Odd one. What a shame”. That’s what they said about me and my family. They are right. We are odd.


We were the family that spoke up when something wasn’t’ right. That’s why I think the Mages are following me and my family now.


I was sitting by the Dodder river, like I usually do every evening. I look around and listen. All that I can hear is the flowing fresh water of the river. Peace. That is when i can truly be myself. When no one is around. I reach out my hand towards the river. It reaches back at me. I feel the cold, wet water at the tip of my finger. That is when someone who smelled of cigarettes whispered into my right ear


“Got you”.


I woke up in a bright white room. I was on the cold white tiled floor. I had a shooting pain in the back of my head. Someone knocked me out. I placed my hands on the tiles and pushed myself up. That was when I saw him. A man my family hated above no other. Mr Erickson. A fat, short man with a ridiculous beard and a bald head that looked like a golf ball. I had been taken to the headmaster of the Institute of Technology. I had been taken by the Mages.