I am in the Square. In order to get to the hospital I am going to have to leave before the sun rises which is when the police patrol the streets.


All forms of medicine are frowned upon there and we need to draw as much attention away from the hospital as possible.


I cling to the shadows as I take the back way to the hospital. The hospital isn’t really a hospital, its an old disused warehouse.


The government shut down all the hospitals in the country a few years ago. I slip into the hospital when I get there.


One of my co-workers peer down from the balcony and looks relieved when they see its me.


Months ago we had a different hospital on the other side of the country but it was found out and shut down.


The ice age is coming and the government is letting people die as a form of population control.


Since most of the world has already frozen over more people have moved to this area which means there’s major overcrowding. We are determined not to let people die.


We don’t have a lot of protection from the government if they find us here but I don’t want to think about that.


In the main hall of the warehouse are a series of beds full of the sick and injured. The room is dimly lit with candles and I shiver in the cold.


A delivery was due today, illegal antibiotics made in the Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains.


They are expensive to buy and the penalty for being in possession of them is execution but its a risk I am willing to take.