Tir Na n’Og



She’s as fast as a rocket


She’s that small  you can


Fit her in your pocket


She’s the best she


Beats the rest she


Can jump so high she


Nearly can touch the sky


I love my pony so much.


My bond with her keeps


Me in touch.


I take her out for a canter


I love the sound of the hooves


Bouncing off the sand.


She’s my tir na nog


Best pony in the land.


My Messer



Although he’s a messer


And most times a stresser


I’m his minder and moulder


For his life to come


I love to watch him


Play even more when he runs


My brother my best friend


Together till the end.

The Feeling



Trapped in school


Like a fool


Teacher asking for my journal


Write another note


Wish I could tell him


to get the boat


Go home get dressed


Go up to me horse


Her name is Mrs Brown


And she is from town


I’m happy


when she runs and jumps


And doesn’t jam on


like she usually does


The feeling of leather


The feeling of the reins


The feeling of my hands


running through her mane.


The feeling of the wind


Kissing my face


The rush of the wind.


I feel happy when I’m here


Jockeying me horse.


Having no fear.





As fast as a lightning bolt


Lets go to the past


where me mare dropped colt


When she rears, she must think I don’t care


Waiting in school looking at the clock


Knowing I’m going cornstore to get stock


Tick tock it’s nearly closing now


Walking home thinking about her


Thinking about her red and white fur


But sure she messes,


I still love her.


I like clondalkin equine club


I’d love to have a stable


And also to be able to rap


Cuz I’m a sap and I’m


Not looking for a clap


My throats is sore


Someone get me some lockets


I have no fear


To be here


The horses are rockets.


With her chestnut fur and


Her dark brown eyes


Its as if she has the power to


Take anything and everything away


She’s an angel in disguise


With her chestnut fur and


Her dark brown eyes


With a white star on her temple


She makes life seem so simple