By: Chris and Chris


I miss the days


when I used to play


Going out playing a match


on a cold Sunday


On a team with my friends


All them days came to an end


I miss scoring


a load of goals


Now sitting at home


scoring virtual ones


I miss football


it was so fun


To think I coulda made it


and been number one.



By: Megan


Grind it


Pour it


Twist it


Light it


Inhale it


Swallow it


Exhale it


Share it


Feel it


Finish it


Adore it


Anxiety Attacks


(described by the alphabet)


By: Leanne


It all starts off good.


Nervous but it’s easy


A B C showing promise


that the rest will be easy.


The middle part gets rocky




But you get through it


Then it hits


The rush of letters


that forms in to one word




And you break


But the alphabet doesn’t stop there


You still have the rest of the time


To pick yourself up.


And when you finally hit


The X Y and Z.


You made it.


And you can always make it through.


Stephen’s Day

By: Anon


Stephen’s Day two years ago


I first smoked a bit of blow


I never did know


It would mess with me head


Going asleep eyes squinted in the bed.


Me ma tries to prove a point


But I still go out and smoke a joint


I love a bit of lemon haze


It puts me in a daze.


I’m still smoking up.


I need to give it up



By: Anon


I’m sitting in youthreach


When I wish I was at a sunny beach.


This place is shite


Wish I was on a night out


Buzzin for the weekend to have a groove


But during the week


I don’t wanna move


I try my best to get through the week


It is hard enough


When teachers are screaming in your face


And looking rough.



By: Lorna


Bullying makes me angry


They try to make themselves


look better than you.


They put you down


and laugh at you


And make your head


look down at the ground.


They make you feel worthless


That you need to change who you are


Change your appearance


And make you just want to give up.


But thank you bullies


for making me leave that school.


I’m much happier now and I


Like who I am


And how far I have come


And now


I look down at you.


The Field

By: Sean and Shane


You walk into the field.


You see a load of junkies


Jumping around like monkeys


Waiting on the boys


So they can get funky


There is always Richie


He’s always itchy


He had money in his sock


Because he got docked


He only had a score


He was begging for more


For fucksake he


Just wanted a score


He walked into the old church


To see his friend overdosed


He stuck a needle in his arm


Killed himself through self-harm.