The Walk

By: Jimmy


My walk home from school is an opportunity


To think about the day that has just gone


Nothing to stop my thoughts from flowing


As I walk through a familiar and welcoming path


It is an opportunity to look into the future


As I think about what awaits me tomorrow.


Control Concept



Why is it that there’s always a rush?


Either to get to a class or go catch a bus


Your folks constantly hurrying you on a telephone line


Always obsessed with the central concept of time


Forced to wonder; without time would there be decay.


To be frank, I couldn’t honestly say.


I know the answer to such a question profound,


But back in ages past a solution may be found.


However I guess for now we have to sit and try to understand That time waits for no man,


Either the tide of an arm or the drip of the sand.




The trees, greener than they ever were before


A silhouette that haunts me forever more


All my senses heightened and heart thumping


Noticing every little detail around me


The fear of never seeing it all again


What I once took for granted


This is how you always must have felt


But just that one time you felt it all too much


It consumed you and took you away


So now I feel it all for another day


But I will stay and you will not


All the memories I never forgot.




At the bench in Helganes


In that moment I knew


I’d said it many times before


But this time it was true


The rain was falling heavily


You were soaked and sad


I wore that bright banana coat


That had belonged to your dad.


I’d never seen you cry before


Or at least not by myself


I knew I couldn’t replace him


I just wanted to help


And though it’s all behind us


We’ve parted a couple steps


I’ll never forget your tears


On that bench in Helganes


Looking Up


Looking up – not at the stars –


but at the void that spans between them


The emptiness, the darkness, the peace


The feeling that up there,there is no pain


No worries, no fear, no grief


What if I could go up there and leave it all behind?


The suffering, the famine, the drought.


Who would I be to give up on hope


In love, in light, in life?


I can’t think of what I love


I’ve done a bit not much


I like things but it’s probably not love


I’m not a child but still not a man


Love still sorta confuses me


I can’t think of what I hate


Frustrated is about as mad as I’ve been


It’s very quickly forgotten though


I probably don’t care enough


About anything other than love.


A friend of mine left his home


To find somewhere better


But he was refused his refuge


Left alone


In a system that doesn’t work


Without a home


Without the language


Without his wife


Without his daughter


Only him


Just another refugee to society


Just another hanged man.


The Epiphany


Like a bird perched on a nest


A veil of protection atop my head


The idea of mourning and loss I did detest


Abhorring the image of an untimely death.


Whistling in the wind this woeful news breezed


Submitting my mortal soul


To a void that caused me to freeze


In my heart there is an unhealable hole.


As a mould of clay I was shaped


He listened to my childish desires


Clad in a black robe I am draped


His leaving left an everlasting fire.


I had a dream,


I walked right out


I touched the sky,


I felt the clouds


The thoughts in my head,


I could not find


I’ll make new ones


Leave them all behind


Dancing and singing


was all so fun


Sleeping and dreaming#


is just so dumb


Go outside


make your future


Now is the time


It won’t get any better.




There I was standing


at the edge of the water


Water soaking up my feet


Sea shells crunching beneath


Crack crack they went


The noise of the ship’s horn in the distance


The child crying behind me


The crisps being eaten


The waves coming crashing in


They made me wash away


Not with the water


But in thought.


Mood swings.


I look through a window


Through which the world is bright


This ocean of contentment


Darkness turns to light.


Until the sun starts to fade


The rain starts to pour


I slam the shutters of my windows


Bolt up my soul’s door.


Then once more


It repeats.