St Joseph’s





Women in Ireland, the rising voice


No longer a poster, a nod and a smile


It’s’ a loud crashing wave


Breaking traditions solid as rocks


Sweeping out ideals and combating hate


Supporting each other, marching for rights


It’s our bodies, our minds, our votes and opinions Nothing is simple as it once was


Boys can cry pink tears while girls fight blue boldly


But for the better our country, our women,


My life.


One, Two, Three, Four.


One breath


Her shoulders sagged


Her arms getting heavy


Just like her eyes had bags


Two breaths


Her eyes fluttered shut


Three breaths


She breathed her last breath but


Four breaths


The angels opened their doors.


When I was four


the most important thing


was to get my princess dress.


The skirt was big and round,


a mesh of mess.


When I finally got my dress


I was overjoyed.


I never thought


I could feel so much love.


Until I looked into his cot


saw his curls so fair


Dimples so deep.


His big blue eyes,


My baby brother


what a surprise.


The familiar footsteps


scurrying towards me


Echo through the confines


of the four kitchen walls


He sits abruptly in front of me,


I am not only


His master but his friend.


A pair of deep brown eyes #


stare up longingly at me


Eyes that speak a million words


by themselves


I smile back and instantly he knows


His eyes light up


as they do each time without fail.


Summer time.


The smell of freshly mowed grass outside


Early in the morning


The sun in my eyes


The kids outside playing ball,


The sound of laughter of them all


The warm sun lies on my face


Dinner in the back garden every single day


At 10 o’clock it is still bright


But it’s time to come in for the night


I wake up the next morning


All okay


No school, no worries,


Just another


Summers day.


A Sunny Day


A sparkle in my eye


When taking a photo


Makes me cry


lightens up the gloomy sky


Shining through a great dark cloud


Creates a rainbow


Making it round


It perfects the summer


My favourite of all seasons


I love the sun


For many reasons


My little sister


My little sister is so annoying


She pulls my hair


takes my clothes


I just want to let yous all know


She may be a little snitch


But I wouldn’t change her at all,


Not even one little bit.




Dust, and filtered light


The same down all the years


But a new beam in every second


Reflects all you’ve seen.


Midnight, and each deafening tick


Echoes on a coffin in an empty room.


Or noon, and the glare


of fluorescent light in a classroom


Falls on a watch closely watched.


And down, in a quiet bedroom,


Clicks count down the hours till you wake


But you’ve only got eyes


For the pages of a book that should be closed.


His eyes are bright


As blue as gems


His smile is wide


And full of joy


His tears are acid


Dribbling down


His fears are mine


The words we share


His troubles I bear.


Gun violence


Sirens are blaring around the school


The students don’t know what to do


People lie on the floor shaking with fear


Thinking this shouldn’t be happening here


All they can do is stay quiet and hide


When 4 police officers are hiding outside


Their president promised he’d make their country greater Yet 8 school shootings later and they’re still not safer


President stands up, smiles and crowds all cheer The kids say this shouldn’t be happening here.


The music faint yet all around.


People surround me


With heads down.


No one is speaking.


Everyone is tweeting.


The memories are now made


From inside that glass frame.


I wish for one minute


Your head would rise


And realise that this is your life.


I don’t know how to say this


We’re not the serious type but


I miss you


I miss you like a dog misses its bone


I wonder what you are doing


Where you are, who you’re with


Waiting for the day I see you again.


You are gone but not forever


And I can’t wait till we are together.




The world


is a complicated place


People hurting,


people debating,


people criticising


Each day the earth


slowly spins


like a spider


spinning their web of lies


Politics deciding


who we will be tomorrow


Parents deciding


who we will be in the future


But yet nobody is left


to help you decide


who you are today


Nobody is holding your hand


telling you everything is going to be okay


I will decide who I want to be tomorrow


I will decide who I want to be in the future


But I still don’t know who I am today


The world


is a really complicated place.


I stare into the crystal ball,


That once felt like looking into a mirror


Now the square memory reminds me of a black abyss


Dark and shadowy with voices whispering to me


But the words are impossible to comprehend


The rainbow I once saw is beginning to fade to grey


While I stare and plead for an answer


What am I now that I know I mean nothing


Not to her, the one before or the one before


They say everyone has a robin but mine got lost in its flight.


The cars whizz by


On a steamy summers night


My mother, she’s sewing downstairs


My father’s asleep, snoring, counting sheep


Like him I wish to be, without care


But as I put in my earphones


Pull open a book


My thoughts, they calm, like a babbling brook.


Soft, soothing and calming


As my alone time can be


Sometimes all I need are the people around me


Perhaps you might know them as family.




When the sun dawns at 5 o’clock


The warmth peeping through the window


Barbeques every night


The sun still bright, shining.


Spending time with family and friends.


All day and all night


By the sea


I never really understood


what it meant to be stressed


Until I was tossing and turning every night


Crying myself to bed




I thought I finally made new friends


Who would treat me like I treat them


But six months in to the new school year


Yet I am feeling the loneliest I have ever been.


I’m surrounded by plenty of people,


Fourteen I’d consider friends to be exact


Yet only one girl from this big group


Can ever make me feel less sad.


Reading a book is like stepping on to a plane


As your eyes scan the pages


And you settle into the gentle rhythm


Of the writer’s inner consciousness.


You’re lifted up


Gently pulled higher and higher


Clouds envelop the corners of your mind


Soothing, healing, enriching


And then a delicately crafted line


A revolutionary idea


Ignites a fire of passion


Or calms a fear.


I opened my eyes and looked around asking myself, am I sure this is what I want? What should I go for, what I want, or what they want? I hold the leaflet tightly as I walk down the stairs. I hope they understand that I need this. “Mam, Dad, “ I work up the courage to shout.


“Are you finished reading it?” I hear my mam call “Yes”. I say with a hint of uncertainty in my voice “What’s wong?” my dad asks.


I know they will disagree, they think they know what’s best for me. They’ll tell me I’ve worked too hard to let this all go now.


“I’m not going to college, I want to travel the world” I half shout, half cry. I see the look in their eyes, I know the answer is no, but I don’t care. “Everything is booked and paid for”, I plead. “No!” they both shout at the same time. I don’t know what to do, I want to travel, to explore, to try new things. The degree can wait, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m going to take the risk!




When the grass is green


And the sky is blue


And you can feel the sun’s warm rays


Warming your face


When you dip your feet in to the cool, blue sea


And you know this is exactly where you want to be


When you wake to the sound of chirping birds


And fall soundly asleep to the setting sun







Bent over in awe


With cameras in hand


Taking up familiar dull streets


Relentlessly stopping and starting


Like a broken machine


Why should I fault them?


They gain experiences


Memories, a scrapbook full of pictures


While I lose unvaluable time and patience


For people just like me.


Nana’s Apple Tart




I walk into the kitchen


The smell is like a sweet breeze


The sour apples and humming


The sight puts me at ease


You welcome me in your arms


A feeling I will not forget


I treasure the time that I spent with you


I imagine that you have not left


I made a deal with you, one last apple tart


And now as I bake one, you are always in my heart.


I am a bundle of fleeting emotions


The eye of the storm in a swirling water,


Destroying my world around me


I am a ship to wreck


It gets the better of me


Leaves me shattered in pieces


But then comes the sunshine


That one fleeting  moment of euphoria


Laughter, warmth and the comforting echo of a record


Warm sheets and comforting words,


It’s part of the daily process.


Sometimes I feel I am on my own


That I know a truth that no one else has been shown


But everyday I see it creep down the stairwells and through the creeks


It is a power that I have been given


Yet the main cause of all division


Although sometimes it causes floods


And gets me stuck in the deepest muds


I know that one day very soon


The truth will erupt and rebuild the ruins.


When the days get dark at 4 o’clock


And home I come to my house lit up with Christmas lights My cozy pyjamas warm my heart


And my sweet hot chocolate melts my troubles away And into bed I get at 10


To watch an endless number of movies


I wake up in the morning to the exciting smell of my Christmas tree All the decorations getting me in a festive mood


Hoping for snow to lay a blanket over the grass outside And another day drifts by, me still waiting for the big day.


Waking up on a Sunday morning


Teddies sprawled across the floor


Winnie the Pooh pyjamas on


Downstairs to the “green room”


Hugs and kisses from aunts and uncles


Flick open old photo albums


All black and white no colour to be seen


Jim Jim sat at the kitchen table crosswords galore


Playing gun games with walking sticks


Missing you more than ever before.