I love going down to my granny’s cottage


On a little farm


In a little town


In Wicklow.


2 weeks every summer


Games outside with my 15 younger cousins


Books in my grandad’s big armchair.


My granny’s soda bread




And mugs of hot tea.


I love the time I spend there.




Her little eyes sparkle


Her toothy and toothless smile twinkles


I have never seen a happier thing


She is so chirpy


She hops around like a little bird


When she leaps on my back


With her chubby wrists around my neck


I don’t mind the weight


It’s’ a small price to pay for her giggles


But when she cries


I want to cry


When they call her names


I want to yell at them


I want her to stay little, young and happy




She is bliss now.


A hidden hand of warmth


that transforms


the everyday is glowing


within each of us,


a burning celestial fire


that overwhelms all the senses.


The eyes become blinded


crinkle up in awe


the skin tingles


the sudden apprehension of exposure.


A reminder of sunset summers


salted sand, breathing life


into all beings


revealing their inner light


the magic that is already within us,


our silent witness


shunned by the clouded fog.


Each night the glow is chased away


by a silver shadow,


replacing the only greater light.


A star is ever present yet struggles to be seen,


like the child within all of us.




You are there for me in my darkest hours


To comfort me at night.


You hold me close


keep me warm when tiredness overcomes me.


When I am happy you are the


Springs that keep me jumping up and down


And when I’m angry you take my punches.


Through sad times you watch me cry


And dry my tears for me.


You make me live the wildest dreams


Each night


And in my nightmares you protect me,


Comfort me, from the things which scare me most.


The Black and Ivory Keys


When I need to relax


I escape to a fantasy world


When I play the black and ivory keys


I sit down powerfully and with poise, in my seat


I create a scene in my mind


As I touch the black and ivory keyes


The scene is created by the sound of music


Filling the depths of my ears


There’s a middle-aged woman


Dancing gracefully in her victorian ball gown


She dances and covers every inch of the dancefloor, To the sound of a russian waltz


She twirls and twirls as she feels the music inside her


The waltz is empowering with long expressive melodies


And changes in key and tonality throughout the piece.


The waltz ends and the lady takes a bow,


In front of her guests.


Now, I’m no longer performing the russian waltz


On the grand yamaha piano, in the grand hall.


I’m sitting on my pouffe in my living room,


Retreating back to reality.


I wait again for the next moment, to


Explore another world,


With the black and ivory keys.


Sitting here just the two of us, talking about it all


We time-travelled in a way


Talking about the memories from summer,


the people who meant


Something to us now


but who mightn’t in two months time.




It’s pretty incredible, unstoppable, powerful


It’s everything.


It’s how we live, we depend on it


You can never get it back


Something in your life could be so different right now


If you changed one thing about a time in the past.


I often think about this.


Timing is everything.


Bed, Bed, where would I be without you?


You are my favourite hello but my hardest goodbye You are always there for when I need you, in good times and in bad


You are my escape


My place of relaxation and rest


You give me energy and positivity


in times of anxiety or loneliness.


Once I wake up it’s you who gives me a fresh start.


You are always there


And there’s nothing more like the classic saying


There’s no place like your own bed.


Just feeling the movement


Through my bones.


Nothing to distract me


Just get round those cones.


The wind pushing past me


The pain in my knee.


Nothing will keep me


As long as i’m free.


Keep pushing forward


There’s no need to stop.


Everything’s perfect


When you reach that spot.


Nothing to stop me, nobody, none.


Keep going forward, because you love to run.


This short story starts off like any old boring high-school story based on a teenage girl and her life. But this story tells the day that changed a lot of things for a girl called Lucy.


It starts off with just a normal day at school. Lucy has an irish test so is slightly freaking out because she hasn’t studied. Then going to lunch with her friends, but there’s a bit of tension between them because of what happened at the weekend. Things are a bit awkward but lunch is nearly over and there’s only three more classes until they get to go home.


Lucy has music that night and always brings her best friend Rebecca, but tonight that’s going to be awkward. Rebecca gets in the car and there’s silence. Things are worse than expected. They sit through music and finally by the end they being to talk. Lucy says she needs to tell her something about what she tried to explain at the weekend. Rebecca flips, she is in complete denial, she doesn’t want to know. Now it’s up to Lucy, does she tell her the whole truth, everything, even though she knows it will crush Rebecca?


She panics and decides that if it was her she’d like to know. She explains to Rebecca that she saw Rebecca’s parents fighting and her dad slapped her mam across the face. This she already knew but Rebecca couldn’t believe it. Now was the hard part, she explained how the other day she saw Rebecca’s mam with another man, together. And overheard them speaking of how they must keep it a secret from her dad. Rebecca just sat there. Emotionless. Then within seconds, lashed out at Lucy screaming. Then screaming crying, then just floods of tears. She knew then at this moment that it was the right thing to do, she hopes she needed to know. Hours later, after the crying had stopped and she spoke for the first time since she stopped screaming, she thanked her. Lucy just had to weigh out both of the consequences at each scenario and went with her gut feeling, that either way there would be pain, but at least tell the truth to release some of that pain.


Do you remember the creaky wooden chairs


The grating of chalk on a blackboard


As we chewed crayons


And gargled our ABCs in our mouths


Seeing how they would taste.


Our consonants sounding out


Like a tape in reverse


Until that moment of clarity




Have you ever experienced


That perfect mess of sounds


That just make sense together?


I look around at our table


As Lily licks her plate.


An insurance against table manners


The dog nips at our feet.


Jenny belts out her musical number


And Grandad turns off his hearing aids


Relishing in the luxuries of his deafness.


And I can’t help but love


This jumbled mess.




She gave me my blue eyes


My blonde hair too


She makes me laugh,


Even when I’m blue.


She makes us dinner,


That’s pretty good too


But she dances like a mam,


And that’s something I say with pride


Because her crappy dancing


Cracks me up every time.




I wake up at 08:36 am, as normal, i brushed my teeth and went downstairs where I saw my family gathered around the T.V. My mother was on the ground crying. In the 16 years I’ve been alive, I have never seen my mam cry. What has happened?


I sat down beside my Dad and read the writing on the screen. “Due to the over-population of women, this has to be done”. I ask my dad what this means. He remains silent. I can feel my heart pounding, what is happening?


Next thing know, i hear a smash of glass in my sitting room. I hear footsteps marching down the hall. Three men dressed in dark blue suits come in. They grab my mam. She is kicking and screaming. I then feel someone grab my arms, I am being carried out with her. I only see white. I can hear my Dad roaring. It is a sound of heartbreak. My mam and I are thrown into the blue van. The van reads “Restore”. What does this mean?


I remember that I have my keys in my back pocket. I reach my hands in to my pocket. I remember watching a youtube video on how to pick locks. Using my keys I attempt to open the back doors of the van. My mam is so hysterical that she doesn’t notice. I finally get the door open. I scream “Run!” and my mam stops crying. We jump out of the van and begin running. We continue to run for about 10 minutes until I turn around and notice that the coast was clear. I have never run that fast in my life! My mam turns to me, her eyes red and swollen and gives me a tight hug. She says “you saved us.” Saved us from what? I wanted to ask. Just as I turn to ask the question I hear a gun fire. I feel no pain. Is this how it feels to be shot? As i turn to look at my mam it is then I realised, I wasn’t shot. My mam stares into my eyes blankly as her white blouse beings to turn red. I run over to my mam as I watched her die in my arms. Everything becomes dark.




The clock strikes 12, the exams are over,


Summer has finally arrived.


3 months of excitement and adventure


3 months to spend creating memories.


Catching up with friends and visiting family far away.


Eating ice cream and drinking lemonade.


Having picnics on the beach or in the park


Going on family holidays, travelling on a plane


Laughing, smiling, and probably sun-burning


But most importantly giving myself a break.


Doing what I love and breaking away from strict routine And that’s what summer means to me.




It’s the one place I can always return to


I can be myself


There’s very little restrictions


A place of security


A lot of freedom


A door between me and the outside world


There’s no opening hours


A place of comfort


Somewhere I can eat and sleep


No invitation needed.


A smile that can light up your day


A presence that can make anybody smile


Each laugh line a sign of a good time


Each wrinkle a hardship gone by.


Always there with some wise words


Never quick to judge but quick to listen


A kind-hearted gentle soul


A safe haven when needed


A home away from home


A person who has always been my number one fan I love my gran.




There is nothing like that comforting feeling


Of collapsing into what I believe is the safest place in the world.


No matter what may have happened that day


Being able to return to that place, helps.


I am completely relaxed.  Nothing matters.


It is my favourite place in the world.


The feeling of ease as you phase out of


A state of consciousness,


Your mind is now completely in control


And the whole world seems to stop.


Peace and quiet at last!




There isn’t a time during the day where i’m not listening to music (except in school). I’ll wake up every morning go to my phone and throw on whatever I was listening to the night before. I’ll brush my teeth and wash my face timing myself of the duration of the chosen song. I know the exact location of every song on my playlists, what’s coming on next and how long the song lasts for. I always pick and choose what parts I want to listen to. I skip back and forward never able to listen to a song for its full length. I make sure i have my earphones in my coat pocket before I leave the house Walking home I put them in .Blocking out the noise of the traffic and shouting kids. I connect my phone to the big bluetooth speaker (it lights up in time with the beat ) and blare more songs until my parents get home. This is the time where I feel most relaxed. Feel free. Disconnecting from everyday life.


You held my hand as I walked to school that first day


You were there when i came home, telling you my new best friends name You showed me how to tie my shoelace every day


And you were there when I cried over my many failed attempts It’s okay, you would say


You helped my pick out my communion dress


And told me how I may not want a pink one, she took away the stress You showed me the joy that the world has to see


But also warned me of the dangers that there may be


You are by my side throughout it all


I’m glad I can call you my mom.


It’s a place I know


Where all problems fade away


And in those moments I feel euphoric


Memories etched in my heart


Of experiences there old and new


No two times exactly the same


But the joy is always there


It’s where we are united


And I count down the days


Until I can feel that freedom again.


Seeing Clearly


I know my least favourite feeling


That feeling you get, standing in line


A box being built around you, closing


In as it gets closer to your turn.


You sit in your airplane seat, gripping the Armrests, chewing gum, music blaring in your ears.


Peering over the edge of the diving board the


Rope tethering you to the ground


While the clock ticks on


As soon as you leave the ground the


Band is stretching. Being pulled. Pulling you back.


You push on. It snaps, you’re free.


Looking around you can see everything.


(The sea where you learned to swim.)


You’re up so high nothing obstructs your view


(The mountains where you made your closest friend.)


That box is left abandoned on the ground


(The house where you grew, where you grow.)


That’s my favourite feeling.


Being free. Free to see everything clearly.




Hands clasped, eyes locked


Seeing nothing in his eyes but a future


The overwhelming feeling of warmth and safety


Filling me from toe to top, full of joy.


We touch, electricity


My nerves light up like Times Square on New Years Eve Boom bah boom, my heart skips a beat


But only he can do this to me, the power is his.


What is love?


The question I continue to ask myself


It’s this feeling, this indescribable feeling


Vulnerability, is as close as I can get.