By: Alicia


School: Firhouse







Quick Maths


Heartbreak minus heart is break.


Heartbreak minus heart is ache.


Believe minus be is leave.


Me take away him is




Him and me divided


Are separate.


Me divided by him equals




By: Alicia



By: Killian


School: Firhouse







Stand Out


That was crap, what was that.


You let everyone down.


You could have done better.


You’re not putting enough effort in.


Even though you put so much work in


You’ll never see the good in what you do,


Even though it was amazing in someone else’s eyes


You’ll never think it was good enough.


At least you’re putting effort in,


it’s better than nothing


It may not be nice in your eyes,


but it was beautiful in anothers.


Stop doubting yourself, focus on the positive.


At least you have a goal to look up to.


Believe in yourself, you can do it.


Stand out, show everyone what you’re made of.



By: Yinka


School: Firhouse









Life is too short.


You have to do what makes you happy.


It is not good to be doing a job


That is boring and you hate


Just for money.


Never wonder why your life is so boring


If you never planned on living it big


And never let anyone say that


You can’t do this


Or you can’t do that.


With hard work and commitment


The sky will be your limit.


So I say you stand up


Create your own path


And fight for what you love.


You only live once.



By: Szymon


School: Firhouse







The Path to Light


Willful ignorance of what’s true.


You don’t care really?


You only live once.


The world is filled with wonder.


That simple feeling of here and now.


So many bitter moments.


Pain you toil.


You bleed and cry.


The evil is great.


The shadow of your soul.


The hatred you know.


It burns you till you’re


Ash and dust.


But there is a light.


The soul that changes


In a world of might.


The path to light is a trail by tears.


By blood, by loss.


The echoes of ghosts.


Choose this meaning?


Everything you do matters.


Will you carry that?


Or fade in to the cursed abyss.


In the swamp with no meaning.


This is the world we live in.


Everything you do matters.


I remember doubting myself one day


And my grandad turned around to say


He said that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen One of the happiest that’s ever been


He said “there is no point doubting yourself


You make me proud every day”


And I will always be proud I’m glad to say


I shed a little tear




There was nothing for me to fear.


Holiday in Russia


A whole family together


Far, far on the other side.


Uncle, Aunt, Cousin,


Niece, Nephew and Granny.


All in one place,


All in one sensation


The time I visit


The time I never forget


Though no matter how far I am separated


May the memories never end.


“Judges bang!” and up goes my hand


All is said and done


The round is over but not in my head,


I’m in the ring people all round


They’re cheering and jeering, it’s quite the crowd.


All that matters now is 3 feet across


I wonder how he’s taken the loss


Then there’s the medal gold and shining.


I don’t even hear the old man whining


We walk off the ring with a shake of the hand


And i’m back in the world, it’s over, it’s done.


I am the champion


I’m number one.




Over everything


Favourite drink


Full of flavour


Every morning








Can’t live without


Keeps me awake










I remember begging for it for ages


And soon as i saw the box I knew what it was


The first time I played it, it sounded shit


I realised it was going to be harder than I thought


But I learned, and practiced


Soon it felt familiar


I began to remember where


everything goes without thinking


Like breathing.


But then practising grew boring and I was too impatient.


It was more a chore than something that excited me.


So it stopped


But my ability never went away


A few months ago I opened that case again


And as soon as I lifted my violin on my shoulder


held the bow in my hand it came to me again.


This is what I love to do.


Is there anything better than being shaken awake In the late A.M


By a brother or a mother or some significant other.


Grabbing your suitcase and eating your breakfast


And heading to the airport listening to the radio


With butterflies in your tummy


So ready to get away from it all


For a week or two


To experience something


New and different




Walking on stage


It’s the final night of the show


The spotlight is on me and I can’t


See anyone in the audience


But I can feel their presence


Hear their cheers


And in that moment


I realise that this isn’t


The end.


This is only the beginning


Because I need that feeling again.


Sometimes someone hurts you so bad


It stops hurting at all


A childhood of constant nightmare,


darkness, numbness,


I am the 8 year old


who had to feed her drunken dad.


The alcohol took over, and really it’s sad


That the alcohol not only made him drunk


But he also forgot how to love, or notice me


My little heart sunk.


Oblivious to my 10 year old little feelings,


my life was falling apart


Slowly but surely waiting to explode.


I was no longer treated human,


lost and broken


Like a glass smashed on the floor


Do not call my 16 year old self


a “crybaby” or a “drama queen”


Call me broken glass.


My favorite moment


when we won division 1


we bet all teams in Kildare


we got into dublin division 3


bet everyone in that division


Stayed in division 1 for 3 years in a row


Got into division 2


Bet one of the best teams in Dublin


Became Kildare champs


And well known in Dublin


Made the Kildare team.