By: Lisa


School: Priory Youthreach







It was 4am when I got a phone call


It was my ma she was crying


She said come to hospital


Your sister is dying


All of a sudden I dropped to the floor.


I didn’t know what to do.


I got to the hospital and rushed


Through the door.


There she was lying on the bed.


She couldn’t move anymore.


I held her hand and said I loved her.


It wasn’t long before she was dead.


I just ran over and hugged my mother.



By: Emma


School: Priory Youthreach





My Son


Family is all about love




constant ups and downs.


You don’t have to be happy all the time.


But a little smile will do.


My family is not perfect.


But memories are.


I’ll cherish every moment with my little star.


My son is my world.


I wouldn’t change a thing about him.


Only the cranky moments.



By: Craig


School: Priory Youthreach







Every machine has a heart and a soul.


They come with bodies, brains, heart and emotions.


They can be damaged and hurt by others.


Thrown in to despair and lost.


They can also be rebuilt and confident.


Grow powerful and strong.


Strive for greatness and glory.


This is why we are unique.


That is why they call us human.



By: Daniel


School: Priory Youthreach







My Reasons


I wake up


every morning,


go out,


come home


life is just boring.


There’s no change


in my everyday life


my mates and mine


all full of strife.


I try to keep them


all alive with the advice I provide.


But in trying to save everyone else


I have lost myself.


My best friend confessed


he took 50 pills one night.


It hit me like a rock to my chest.


I was thinking


All I could be doing right now


Instead of him telling me this.


For months on end I was stressed to bits.


I have my reasons for helping people


I never want others to feel how I feel.