By: Sarah


School: Our Lady’s







I will pack now, and go to Gorey.


For there the children run around.


Screaming and shouting for ice cream.


And the caravans, built of brick and wood


Give the place a nice peaceful feeling.


For there I wander aimlessly around


Like a puppy.


Riding on my bicycle,


Where I go to tropical islands which consist of


A playground, or to the fields


Which have a tennis court, or the mysterious barn


Which is hollow and empty.


For now, I will pack and go to Gorey


Even as I am walking among the pearl white grass.


I know it deep down at the bottom of my heart.





School: Our Lady’s





You Wonder


We wake each morning


To a ringing alarm.


Could be your mam, your phone


Or maybe you, on your own.


You wonder


How many more years will it be like this?


What’s the point of it all


To only end in tears.


We follow a system that’s been here for lifetimes.


But I’m still young, so told to follow their guidelines.


We might be young and without a degree.


But we’ve got more empathy than they’ll ever see.



By: Jenny


School: Our Lady’s





My Granny’s House


My Granny’s house


Was old and damp.


On four acres of land.


We’d walk hand in hand.


But there’s new homes now


Where the orchard was.


And new lives on her land.


Her house is still there


But it’s so much different.


I wander through the new estates


Wishing nothing had changed.



By: Ellie


School: Our Lady’s







We Don’t Know


Isn’t it funny how we think we know each other.


But then we’ve to think twice


About the name of someone’s mother.


Yes we may attend the same school


And daily be made live under the same rule.


But yesterday everyone had


An individual battle that they fought.


There might not have been love and peace sought.


Everyone around us lives a life we don’t know


They don’t often put that side of them on show.


I love my sister


She knows me better than anyone else


She always has my back


We always have the craic


She never lets me down


She always make me laugh


She picks me up when I’m down


She always gives me little motivational talks


I can tell her anything and she won’t judge


But I always have her back cause I’m her number one fan.


My Nana she was always there for me.


She taught me half my life and I am truly grateful.


What I love about her is she never gave up on me.


Now she’s gone


but not forever in my heart.


I’ll will never forget the wonderful memories


I had with her and I know she would be


Very proud of me.


Things that I love


My world


The only person always there


Taught me how to live


How to not let things bother me


Sliding down the stairs on a big teddy bear.


Sneaking sweets and you


never being able to hear me say thanks


Curling my hair, TV so loud.


Going to church not knowing what’s happening


Me growing up


Learning I’m not like others


Can’t spell or read but that never stopped you


From helping me


Never forget to spell together




As always you came to get me when I arrived at yours


Never forget running to your door.


But it’s all gone


Seeing you isn’t nice


Going to a home that smells horrible


You forgetting me on bad days


But you’re 95 and I’ve had 16 years


I won’t forget you.


Even if you do.


Sitting by the pool with the sun blazing down


Sweaty suncream sprawled across my face


The only one who remembered to put it on


Laughing about nothing, smiling about it all


Sharing ice-creams everyday


Who cares about germs anyway


Sleepovers galore


Telling everything we know


Road trip after road trip


Singing the whole way along


My best friends in the whole world


Good-looking boys too


Campfires and sunsets


The best time I ever knew


I love good weather


And when we’re out for school


My mam says summer’s too long


But I’m never going back to school


Everything is just better the days


Are longer and the food is great


You get to do whatever


And forget about work, due dates.


But when you seen the tesco ad for


Back to school pop up


You know the summer will soon be locking up


Time to make the most of it now


Before it’s back to jail for another year


Let’s hope this sentence is less harsh this time


And time flies by here.


Please Pick Me


I can’t write poems


I wish I could


This is my fourth time trying


Please pick me for the workshop


I’d love to go


Can you please pick me


I want to be able to write poems.


Help me.


Thanks Colm


We ran down Dun Laoghaire pier


struggling to keep up with John and Aaron


Like the buoys in the water trying to keep afloat


The wind wailed in our ears


as we huddled at the end of the pier


I was late home that night


and I didn’t care as we sat outside


I wish darts were off today


and the buses would stop


So we couldn’t go home


and we could stay in that memory forever.


We were waiting at the bus stop


Also with Millypops


She was waiting on the 61


But there was no bus due for us


And that was not much fun


We started to run thinking


It would make the journey fast


But that did not last


We were out of breath and thirsty


Not caring about who we would see


In the distance I could see


Rathfarnham Shopping Centre


Waiting for me


Finally we reached Templeogue College


Very sweaty because it was nearly May


But there was no school


Because it was a Sunday


I heard Emily’s dad beep,


In his jeep


It was a great relief


Because then,


She didn’t have to walk to Ashleaf.


I Hate it.


I hate the way you lie


I hate the way you left without saying bye


I hate the way you make me feel down


I hate the way you’re not around


I hate the way I lost my best friend


I hate the way it had to end


Big Clown Shoes


The next-door-neighbour of your dreams


He was over every weekend for the Sunday Game As he didn’t bother to set up his own TV He never married yet he was always happy


The smell of his house I will never forget


That musty old person smell with a mix of persil His big clown shoes that he shuffled off to church in He lived every moment to the fullest Playing magic tricks with me and my sister


But now there’s kids younger than us in the house next door.


I would much prefer if I could just hear you


Shuffle through our stones to our front door.