It’s funny how we destroy flowers because we think they are beautiful

But we destroy ourselves because we think we are ugly.

What really is beautiful?

What really is ugly?

The idea of “beauty”can be anything

From a well-done painting

To a dead horse

Anything can be beautiful

You just have to open your eyes.



I’m an incest little inbred with some yellowheads

I seen a skinhead in the binshed is what the fella said

I wake up in the morning and then I wet the bed

Go into the kitchen and get a full Irish breakfast

Then I go missing with a 6 pack of Tennants

Then I go kissing a beur and then get her pregnant.


Popping pretty little flowers

I’m already coming up

Music blasting through the speakers

The vodka swimming in my cup

Wading through the galaxies

Through the moon, the stars and every planet in between

Stuck in constellations, it feels just like a dream

I take a step into the void and then I’m swallowed whole

And now I’m stuck on the galaxy’s edge

I’m not ready to come back to Earth


Years have been dedicated

To eradicate the racist race

Another court case to take place

And another mother heartbroken but

Still putting a fake smile upon her face

Young kids dream that he’s trying to chase

But it’s even harder because his skin tone puts him in second place.

After so long, in a stand still

Eventually racism people will kill.



I got two grams on Thursday

To get me through the day

Something to keep me going down the road

Even just a little ways

It helps to calm my mind

I start to feel my breathing

Soon the feelings gone

And so is another day

I guess it brought me down the road

But I think I went the wrong way.


I’ll never forget falling in love

Not with a particular person

With everything around me

Nobody will ever see the things I see,

Well maybe.



I love the rain and hate when people complain

Bring the good to a bad situation

It’s small but makes a difference.

I understand that not everybody has that

But I’m glad I do.



My life is like a broken record

Playing again and again

I love you.

He always made me laugh

He never made me cry

The day I’ll never forget

Is the day I said goodbye.

Death is something in life we must all experience

Heartbroken at the age of 12

I just wish I didn’t sometimes sit and wonder why.


My life revolves around the sesh,

me and the boys going on it hard in Bangladesh

floating to the metro and do a few lines in the stall but that’s not all.

Hopping on the Luas up to Saggart

Popping a few tabs and staring at the walls it’s like art.

Listening to the music, to the beat.

I can feel the soundwaves vibrating through me.

My perception of things have changed,

I realise my life and how I got here isn’t arranged.

I’m insignificant in this masterplan

this so-called God has laid out for me

In the end of it all it’s just me

and the boys waking up changed men after smoking DMT.