Orlagh Mulready


Depression to me is a little shit

That can take the people you care the most about

Away from you

It changes them physically

And mentally

It changes everything they think about the world

It changes how you perceive mental health

And how you live your life.

You’re constantly thinking how are they?

Is today a good day?

Or a bad day?

Sometimes you question could it happen to me

But you think about the other people suffering

And you store your feelings aside and ask them

“How are you today”

I love you Grandad, stay strong.




I like going to skateparks

The people there are sometimes nice

Until you get that little pr*ck that gets

In your way

It’s always fun to learn new tricks

I learn a new one every time I go to the skatepark.


Adam Curran


My bedroom is my safe haven

For when me ma says I’m misbehaving

I could sit there for hours just thinking

Even when my mind is blank.


When someone is wrecking me head

I can always go to my bed

When I’m just getting dressed

Or I am sad lonely and depressed


When I am with me mates

Or after a couple of dates

There is one place I can trust

Just like protection in the womb

It is my bedroom.


The Ocean


I stand there in awe,

the waves crashing against me like they were trying to cave my soul in

I swim down deeper and deeper and deeper until my lungs feel weak and grim.

The silence is sweet and the sweetness is neat

I love the Earth’s fishbowl.

It’s all going well till my head starts to swell

I need to come up for air

And when I come up, I feel like I’m stuck

The sea is part of my soul.


The Old Harbour


His eyes met mine like the sun meets the sea

As we walked the old harbour road

His lips tasted sweet as we kissed in discreet

As we sat and watched the show.

His hair was a mess as I clung to his chest

I don’t wanna let him go.

It was summer of love he was a black dove

Abnormally perfect and more

But the plane took off, my heart went soft

Wherever he is, I’m home.




My Dad has more time for his other kids and not me.

He would rather spend everything on them and not on me.

He never has spent any time with me.

He doesn’t call from one day a week to another.

His wife hates me and I don’t know why.

She never lets my dad do anything with me and it breaks my heart.

It’s been going on for 7 years and at this stage.

I don’t want to hear his voice or see his face anymore.

He never lets me know how my Nanny is.

And he even missed my 16th birthday

One week ago and not even a card or anything.




Rugby is my favourite sport.

It is better than any sport in my opinion.

I find that football is not nearly as good as rugby.

I love it because what you have to do

how tactical you have to be.

Although it is rough, it’s enjoyable

you can have a laugh with both your team and the other team.




One day a boy called Clay went down to his friend’s house to stay.

His friends name is Tray

Tray is in love with a girl called May

He invited her to stay as well as play.

Every night May has to pray

Tray has a stray cat called Ray.

Ray hates Clay because he is best friends with Tray.




My bed is mad comfy but never fully clean,

there’s always a collection of wrappers

plates at the end of my bed.

Not the Tupac and 08-D kinds but kit-kat and clinky kinds.

My duvet is never even, the contents of  it always fall to the bottom

its not big enough for itself

the mattress springs are always poking me, but in the right ways.

My pillow sounds as loud as a concert

when I hear the cotton contents shifting

about the casing right up to my ear.

My bed always seems cozier

the darker the room is,

and the darker the room is the cleaner it seems.




I like going to skateparks

The people there are sometimes nice

Until you get that little pr*ck that gets

In your way

It’s always fun to learn new tricks

I learn a new one every time I go to the skatepark.

So there I was on the sideline bored out of me brain.

I played for Sacred Heart at the time.

Drawing with Newbridge United football club.

10 minutes left in the second half p

ut in me shift for the first half.

Set up the goal that me teammate scored.

So sitting on the bench watching the match

I decided they need me on

only coming off the pitch a few minutes

I said put me on Robbie

he goes, wait in a minute I said oh

waiting for number 11 to walk off the pitch

I ran at some youngfella with all my speed clattered in

gave a free kick away

a yellow card they swung it in.

Goalkeeper blasted it forward

found my feet

blasted it top corner

13 seconds that’s all it took.




Me Da chooses his wife and her kids over his own kids.

And then thinks it’s okay to text and ring to give me abuse.

And to try and get the family to hate on me like what type of Da is that?

He wasn’t there for me when it came to time

I would of loved him to be but he was there for kids that aren’t even his.




Anima is a form of Japanese cartoon animation style.

I really love most Animes. Like Pokemon, Blue Exorcist and many others.

The animation style used is perfect for forming cool

weird characters and the design of the characters themselves.

They can be usually found on apps such as Crunchy Roll or KissAnime.




Loud noises, girls screaming

My heart beating

Tyler says, Next, Next, Next,

Oh god I’m next.

I see them, they smile

My heart drops

In that moment I was happy.

In that moment my smile was real

In that moment nothing else mattered.

That split second in their arms

Will be in my heart forever.




We’ve been going there since I was 5

My Mam, my Dad, my sister, my brother and I

And even with another brother, every day is the same as the last.

The stress of packing nights before

Making sure the house is locked up as we leave,

The long journey to Bray.

When we arrive, checking in to the hotel

And leaving our bags as we go for a late lunch,

Then travel around the town as if it was the first time,

Buying stuff we may not need

We may not travel foreign every year,

But to me it’s all the same.

A holiday is a holiday.