Nadine Keogh


Looking back is difficult of how things use to be

My mind was consumed with my OCD

I remember the guilt the shame the anxiety

That took over my life and truly controlled me.


Restless nights laying in bed,

Intrusive thoughts marching through my head

All i wanted was to put my worries at bay

So I’d partake in several compulsory rituals every single day.


Days would go by, they felt like years

I was continuously battling my innermost fears.

My OCD drove me around the bend

I prayed day upon day that it would come to an end.


One night I simply couldn’t bear it no more

I fell to my knees and sobbed on the floor

My Mam came over and promised the best

My heart was pounding within my chest.


I knew from there I would soon be alright

I fell sound asleep for the whole entire night.


Tara Swift


My favourite memory is when I was about five

it was my first holiday and I just learned how to swim.

When I looked under water and it feels like nothing else,

I felt as free as a swan.

When I finally lifted my head out of the water

I felt refreshed like I had no worries.

I wish I could go back to that memory.

I have a lot of worries now

most of the time I can’t even concentrate in school.

It’s overbearing.

Society has changed

Since I was five.

There was no talk about mental health.

The internet has made these images of girls and boys

Everyone needs to be like them.

Girls and boys get EDs over this and depression.


Ellen Byrne


I love my brothers

Even when they call me names

And tell Mam I’m the one to blame.

They are always there through thick and thin

And when I’m upset they’d give me

The last biscuit in the biscuit tin.


Shauna Carrie


My big sister is the most important person in my life

Also she moans about everyone not doing anything in the house


My Mam stresses about money everyday

My dad spends the money that my Mam stresses about in the wrong way.


When my grandad died it changed my dad’s life.

He really did get a big fright.


When I’m older I want to bring my dad to Las Vegas

It’s on his bucket list

And because he deserves it.




I love my little sister

But I want to push her down the stairs.

But then I think of the picture

Of her holding her teddy bears.


I’m asleep when I hear the sound.

I wake up with a fright

She walks into my room crying

And i fall asleep

Holding her tight.


She tells me that I’m lying

When I say I’m too busy to play

I tell her I have homework

So she watches me all day.




I hate people who talk about you when you walk past them

I hate people that make fun of me

I like that people talk to me, it was nice.




I’m too afraid to text ya

And talk about how i’m sad (about my sisters anorexia)

I run away and take pain

In a video game

My outlet for real pain.

I don’t understand what real pain is.

Since I waste my time

In a virtual world.


Gracjan Aniszewski


Why do you hate me just cause I’m foreign?

Man all these generic cunts are just boring

That includes you.

I thought you might be sound.

But you turned out to be fake.

That’s why I laid you out on the floor.

But you continued to hate.


I just feel this anger

This thing inside me

I just wanna punch a wall

But I won’t let you break me.


Now let me ask you

How does it feel

To know that this racism shit is real

Man this racism shit is real…



She was there to teach me how to cook

She taught me how to sew

He wasn’t ever there

That never really phased me though.

She taught me how to work hard

She had to since she did it alone

For all the things she’s done for me

My Mam deserves a throne.

And I know if I needed someone

She’d be the first one on the phone.




My mam is so sweet

Nothing can compare

I can always rely on her

I am never in despair.


My sister is very annoying

But I love her so much

I always say ?????

But I’ll be the first to wear a white veil.


Mise, is aoibhinn liom learning languages

Ach ta se an deachair

I love food also

Especially chocolate eclairs.


Ta se an chlann Tawyodh

Agus ta gra agam doibh.


Sean Brennan


I love football

It’s a break from

Everything that is stressing me out

an hour and

A half every

Monday and Thursday at 6.30

I love having the ball out

My feet running my boots

through the nice green grass.

And the happiness of putting the ball in the back of the net

all your teammates running over and celebrating as a team.

It’s the best feeling ever

I love it.


Sarah C


I love singing

But I fear people will judge me

When I’m at home I sing my heart out

But in public I never want to sing.

Some people say I’m great but

I see others laugh and snigger.

It hurts my feelings when people do these things.

I don’t like to sing in front of others any more.




My granny was the best

Seeing her was the highlight of my week.

She used to tell me stories and teach me

About life and people.

She used to tell me not to cry over little things

Because I was strong.

But I can’t help but cry when

I remember she’s gone.


Emma Redmond


The first time I rode a horse

I was terrified

I held on to the saddle and refused to let go

I just never really tried

I felt very low

I went home wrecked

My body aching

My mind was racing

My hands were shaking

I couldn’t wait to go again.


That was two years ago

I’m not scared

But I’m not excited to go

Riding is now more of a chore.

It’s a real bore.




I had a horse

He was dark brown

Always so sweet and gentle

I hated him at first

I took him for granted

And now he’s not mine.

Every bunny hop

Every fall

All the hate

I’d live through it all again

Just to have him back.

I have a horse

She is white and black

She’s a bit stupid and headstrong

I don’t want her,

I don’t like her.

The first time I rode the other horse

I ran into someone seven times.

He wasn’t like anything I ever rode

I didn’t like him at the time

But I love him now.

The first time I rode her

She tried to throw me off

If she wanted to run

I couldn’t stop her.

I still can’t stop her.




People really don’t know

How other people feel

Saying awful things

Thinking it’s not a big deal

You never really know

What’s going on at home.




Why lie?

Does it bring happiness? No.

Lies bring frustration and anger.

When I confront you.

Truth is I already know the answer.

I see the guilty look in your face

When you stumble and stutter

And try to defend yourself.




I hate when people talk shit about you behind your back.

Not just that but also when they tell everyone else that know you, about it.

Now this makes the person that knows you to look at you differently

or in a bad way.

This ruins the bond or good relationship

that you might have with this person previously,

all because they were told something bad about you.


I also hate when someone is just so cheeky

with you and starts ganging up on you.

It makes me want to slaughter them

but I know I can’t do that because first of all I’ll go to jail,

second of all I’ll feel bad for the people

that will be affected by this person’s death

and third of all I won’t because I’m a good human being.

So my solution is to just ignore them

like they don’t exist in the world.




Half time the whistle blows

5 points ahead so close to the finals

The belief that maybe this time we can really win

The second half begins

The rain pouring down.

You barely feel the rain

All you can think about is

How bad you want this.


Girls getting tired and shouting

2 frees given away, 2 goals

The full time whistle blows.

Hurls thrown on the ground, girls crying

Everything we’ve wanted for so long over.

Gone just like that.

Grieving for the loss of something so important

As if it was a person you knew.

A feeling I’m more familiar with than I care to remember.