Cillian O’Connor – Belief in Football


People don’t believe in me but some people care for me

I want to be professional at football.

It’s a big dream and far away

But I will put whatever it takes

But have to cut down on the cakes

You have to be fit!

Always telling myself you can make it.

Mam and Dad supporting me

Can’t you see honestly I just want to say

I finally made it.

When training is called off all I do is get outside and

kick that ball.

In my house I kick it in the hall

Getting in trouble for marks on the wall

My favourite idol is Paul Gascoigne


Cillian O’Connor – Raven


Dizzy as a spinning wheel

Nobody here, hear my squeals

That crow is now under my heel

I didn’t know that crow was here

Ouch ouch he’s pecking at my hair.




Upon the hill far and wide

Walked on the wet grass

It felt cold on my feet

A shiver went up my spine

Only if I had a dime

For every time I walked on this wet grass.


I pondered around the park

I saw a man looking quite sharp

The man was tall almost crooked

He was like a ghost

He had a cane for his crooked back

When he turned around I saw his crooked smile

His face was grim his dark eyes

And his body crooked

And then I ran away.


Rebecca Hayes


Driving down the M50

Screaming at the traffic

Turning up the car radio

Talking about how this song’s a banger

My dad shushing me and my brother

When the obituaries are on

“Shut up! I wanna hear who’s after dying”

Fluorescent green and white flags

Glowing in the dark

The hot humid air making me feel like I’m going to vomit

They’re some of my fondest memories

Driving through Munster,

And the two and a half hours are worth it

When we see the sign saying

“Go Failte an Luimneach”




I look at your picture and wish you were here

The sound of your voice still seems near

I wish I could hug you just once more

Or hear you knock on my door.

Thinking of you makes me sad.

Sometimes it even drives me mad.

When you were here you were the best

And now you’ve earned your well-deserved rest


Kane Comerford


My Great Grandad his name was Stephen

I loved him.

He loved this story

a good story about

Cain and Abel.

When I’d see him

He’d call me Cable.

We laughed and joked

With the old folk.


I remember that day

In Crumlin when

his coffin was going

To the grave.

I cried and cried.

But I knew that

he had died.


I look back on that day.

What a bad day.

But what a good man.

Heart of gold,

My Great Grandad Stephen.


Ben McCaffrey Byrne


I walked into the carnival, lights popping,

rollercoasters starting and stopping

Saw many huge rollercoasters,

But then I saw the waltzers.

My friends saying come and get on, don’t be scared

Then I had to face thing thing I most feared.

We walked up the steps into our cart,

I was dreading for when it would start.

I gave my ticket to the ticket man, I was thinking two things

I can’t do this but also, maybe I can.

The moment I dreaded had finally come,

I knew when it started that I was done.

Up, down, round and round,

My friends said it wasn’t scary

But I had clearly been clowned.  


Ashton Mulreany


Sunsets are warmer

Evenings are darker

Not as dark as the nights

You sat home alone

Sitting with your best pals

Having a laugh

You’d almost swear you had a bad path

To walk along but that path has shown you

How to read and write

And have a good fight

And know when to stop

So the moral to this story is

Know to have a good fright and have good fun all together.


Marlz Heagney


My grandad was the best

He always had a joke in mind

And I would always laugh

I remember the last time we talked

About how expensive McDonalds was

Then the next day to my surprise

I was saying my goodbyes.

I remember how cold he was

When I kissed his head goodbye.


Maksim Karnit


My best memory is when me and my Dad went to the forest in Russia.

I seen so much nice places I have never seen before

My dad even showed me his old base that he made with his sister.

It smelt so nice. I can’t even explain it.

I heard the wonderful sound of the birds singing.

I felt the strong wind blowing

so on the walk I was holding on to trees.


Thomas Carter


One thing I’ll never forget

When I ran on to the Aviva pitch with my Da

And it wasn’t a regret.

At half-time me and my team ran to the tunnel

And got in to a big huddle.

We gave our team plain

And then it was time

I was shaking with fear

Cause I saw so much people and all had beer

I was a sub but it didn’t get down

But one thing that put me off was when

People tried to be the hero

But all they did was eat an aero.

I got played but no one scored

But I didn’t care because

I got to play with my Da.


Anonymous – Primary School

I’ll never forget those eight years

They were the best eight years of my life

Having all my friends by my side

All the teachers knowing my name

Having everything routined and the same.


My friends were always there with me

For all those eight years

Some people would get sick of it

Being with the same 20 people

Every day of every week

I never did.


All the teachers knew who you were

They were friendly and kind

I could talk to them about anything.


Everything was how it should be

The same seats every day

The classroom felt the same all the time

All the pencils, books were all in the same place.


Everything felt right

But not any more

It’s all gone

All those memories

They’ve slowly faded away.


Balaz? Morori – I climbed a cliff


I climbed a cliff

Some people thought “will I live?”

But not me

I walked through the trees

On a brown, narrow path


The sight of the perfect trees

The feel of the breeze

It was breathtaking.

When we were at the top

I felt like I was at the top of the world.

After all this work, now I have to go down




I’ll never forget the days I had with him

We both loved to go for a swim.

I used to always help him make the dinner

Nobody could make it like he did

I was only a little kid

I remember one time he was letting the sauce boil

He put the lid on the sauce

And ran up the stairs

When he came back down

The sauce was on the ground.

“Balls on it” he said.




When I came into the house

Seeing you in your chair now since you gone

Then nothing but bare.

Going to my Aunty’s

Sitting on the couch thinking of where

My mam and dad went

They came back

But with a tear in their eye

We went back to my house

But my mam told me the news

I cried

I stuck on my shoes and went outside

But nanny you’re in a better place now.

Seeing you standing on your own special cloud

I love you you’re the queen up there

With your crown please don’t stop looking down.

When that time I was little I stuck your purse on the radiator

You said stop, take it off it!

Well now thinking that you’re gone it made my stomach turn.

The sound of your laugh was so joyful

Your hug was so warm

Now since you’re gone I feel I’m after going through a caribbean storm.

I love you nanny

I miss you,  gone from our home but not gone from our hearts.


Sarah Byrne – Croke Park


I would never forget the sound

Of the whistle at full time

I was out of breath and

Both teams stood in a line

We shaked the teams hands

And said good game

The crowd was chanting our team’s name.

All our parents standing proud

We all were screaming really loud.




I love my family

I love the spring

To me these are some

Beautiful things.

I also love hanging around with my friends

Having a laugh with them

To me these are some beautiful things.

I love my mam and I love my dad

I love my brothers and of course my Nan and Grandad

To me these are some beautiful things.

I love the amazing outdoors but don’t get me wrong

I also love the indoors

I love art especially to draw

To me these are some beautiful things

But then again there still are a lot of horrible things.




The thing is that when you’re angry, annoyed or frustrated

It’s hard to control your emotions.

You lose your temper, throw tantrums

And you refuse to communicate with others


This can happen with your family

You fight over the silliest things

Then you slam the door run up the stairs

In a huff and end up crying


You look in the mirror

Your eyes full of water

You feel like they hate you

Their only daughter


(not finished)




As I stepped on that plane

My heart was racing with excitement

I couldn’t wait

My first time going to America

All them parks and rides

A completely different country

And a completely different thing.

More new memories

Loads to share.


Waking up on Christmas

Walking down the stairs to find

Disney balloons and a t-shirt that said

We are going to Disneyland 3 days later

I was so excited