Dara Rafter



Why did you have to leave

You went somewhere beyond human reach

You went to another place, another time

You are no longer mine.

I know you didn’t want to leave

It wasn’t your choice

God chose you to come into his house.

But I still miss you

Goodbye for now.





Moyle Park is my new school

So far it has been really cool

Sports and Education my two favourite things

They have it here that’s all I need.


The sports, Gaelic, soccer, rugby and basketball

I’m part of it all

This is a bonus about having a ball.


Education is key

It’s good to learn

So I come to Moyle Park

To have a good term.


Evan Greaney


There is gunshots everywhere I can’t stand it no more.

I ask my mam why we’re living here

I wanna move away I don’t wanna be next

The killers there flexing, showing off

Texting his friends

Ha look at this fool he tries

To stand but he’s actually died.

I wanna get away from this madness

I hate it here.

Drugs deal people robbing everywhere you go

It looks like one of those killer TV shows.



Ryan O’D


This guy was doing moonwalk since 1983

had a good life, helped kids, this man got accused…

drugs got the best of him in 2009 may he rest in peace.

I hope to learn his moves and his way of helping,

I don’t like the classes I just wanna go home and learn more dancing

Been trying for 2 months so far

Music now be crap.

I love the old music

People slag me but I don’t care.




Everyone thinks I’m stupid

Everyone thinks that sadness

Is the only thing I make

Everyone thinks I’m angry

But that is all fake

Sadness is the thing

I break.


Like a raven soaring

Through the sky, all that

People say about me, it’s

All a lie.


I take people’s mistakes

On me, who knows maybe

I’ll be your bullet vest

But now excuse me, now

I’m a little raven sleeping

In my nest.


Come and soar with me

You’ll see the world from

Another side, come with my

Little raven it is

Time to glide.


Lee Ledwidge


I like football

I’ve been playing since i’m 2

When it was time to go training

I pretend to have a flu


The matches are on Sunday

Everybody wants to be there

All the parents on the sideline

Wanting to wave and cheer


I sometimes play with my brothers

And they give me a shit pass

Sometimes the worst is

Kicking the football off the grass.


I play for Crumlin United

We are in Sunday Major

I hope you’ve enjoyed my poem

I hope to see you later.


Lance Noonan


I had this crush on this girl

I wanted a kiss from her but I knew it won’t happen.

She had nice blonde hair run down her shirt

she had cute face with a spot on the left.

She told me one day that she’s in love with me

then suddenly I thought “this was it”

I finally found true love

but then my heart broke as she said that I was too small.




I like pizza

Nobody cares about that

Write something interesting and express your feelings

You can be a legend

Or do nothing with your life

Be yourself and don’t be shy

Show your feelings and show desire

No dreams are mad and no dreams are bad

You choose what you do with your life

So do what you can to live your life

Because you only have one.


Tofunmi Afolabi


I love the shower if you know what I mean

“Wink wink”

I did my business once, in the sink

Some of it went on my feet

So I called my dog to come and eat.


When I got out of the shower

I went to watch a movie called power.

Someone got shot

While they were having some pot.


I’ve always had a dream of someone having weed

In a game called Assassin’s Creed

I really love chicken

Cause it’s really finger lickin’!




Football is my passion

Although I am small

I feel taller with a ball.

People say I take it too serious

But I am doing what I love.

It is like a mother without her kids

I can’t live without them.


I go in fast and hard and set out to hurt

I like wearing the number two shirt.

Controlling the backline.


I was doubted as a right back

Because of my height

But I proved my teammates and managers and the people

Who overlooked me that I belong here.


When we go down

The heads do drop

But we pick them back up

And come back stronger.




I love halloween because we get to do a lot of things

That we aren’t allowed do.

When you hear the bang,

The screams,

It is one of the best nights to me and all my mates.

When we go around we feel on top.




I walk in Dublin city at night walking past that building site

All the people who live there

Would they care if their kids smoked gear?

What  them kids will see

Junkie here

Junkie there

Junkie everywhere

In a bush smoking kush.

All that hash that could get you stoned and boned in 2 mile radius

All the houses that get raided

While the girls get their hair braided.

Their Da’s gone down another 10 pound

Does he sniff in lifts?

His bird’s name is Donna

Would he lie to his daughter?

Wonder if he’s gonna die?




Remember that youngfellah you called gay

And every day you told him to move away

He’s got depression.

He talks to his Ma she doesn’t take him seriously.

All he’s saying is listen to me

He’s scared to go to the bathroom to even pee.

And you keep slagging over his depression

And he’s trying to end his life session.

He talks again and you’re asking him questions

Not to mention do you ever fucking learn your lesson?

Like imagine showing up to a fight and he takes our a knife

Or a gun like what the fuck are you supposed to do, run?

Like how if he got a gun and you run

You are going to get two bullets in the back of the skull.




I’m sick of these youngfellas thinking they’re mad

Oh I drop Es I drop that

I’d take them off the map with a slap

So that’s what I think about dropping yokes

Even though they’re for soft dopes

There’s nothing else to say

Except they smoke weed every day.




Dublin is a kip

Girls shake them hips

I smoke fat ones

Slag me I’ll shoot you with my gun

You think you mad when I’ll stick some skins

And smoke them up just for fun

I’ll raid your gaf

And eat all your snacks

I’ll be on the munchies

And eat all your crunchies.




Clondalkin is a kip

Disgrace and full of junkies smoking hash

Weed, sniffing coke selling coke,

Weed, hash

Getting cash

Buying more,

Making profit.




Clondalkin is a bad place

It’s a disgrace

They’re going around town

Selling the brown

You know and I know

They are like clowns

People don’t have to be like that

They could’ve got a job and started

Writing songs

I’m sorry this place has to be like this

The bullets to the head

And your family knowing you’re dead

And they find out that you and your bro doing blow

And going around with guns and knives

They’re afraid of their lives

I’m ending it here

Hope you enjoy it

And I’ll know it.




I hate the way people act so tough

When you would box the head off them in two minutes

But when you confront them

They’re the biggest pussy you’ll ever meet.

Then they go call their mates to help them out.

And I hate the ones that suck up to the “leader”

And follow their every move

Even though they don’t wanna do it.




When I score a banger like

I put it on a hanger

Big clothes

Wide clothes

It’s all the same

When I train it’s pain

So so much pain

It’s so lame

My friend is so good

He’s full of mud

When he scores a

Great banger for his club.




He bullied my Dad

He’s a Dublin crook

He’s a little drug dealer

He’s a spa

In with his little gang

I hate show offs

They’re blow offs

With ripped clothes

He’s a little show off

He attacked my Dad with a knife

Because he has a sh*t life.


The Cringe Fest

Sean Murphy


After my brother has finished eating the cream from a Maccy D’s frap

He goes upstairs to look up some crap

He looks up memes and clicks on one from 2001.

After that he goes on his xbox one.

He invites his one friend and says his dead memes

First he starts off

Look at all those chickens!

I said to myself

I will.

I couldn’t wait for bedtime to be called.




I’ve never lost before

How will I cope

He isn’t a better player

At least I hope



What do you mean?

He made some edit plays

Killed me in a daze


I launched a complaint to Epic Games

But I was just salty

Goodnight, goodbye I’m dead

Now off I go to bed.




I love playing football

I love playing striker

My favourite thing about football

Is scoring a goal

But I hate getting subbed off.

I love when the ball hits the back of the net

But I hate when I get sent off.