I had most of my family

At the start

Most of my cousins are abroad

But now my family are broken up

My Dad has left

And my older sister is gone

And so is my older brother

I mean to college

So now it’s just

My mu, younger brother, younger sister and I

But we have the strongest bond.




Brown Thomas is the place to be

In the middle of the city

I’m real og

No but really yeah

Shopping on the loose

Kenco on the memo

But if you wear

Moncler you don’t care

Yo yo yo fuck hoes




Before you can even talk

You’re told what to say

Brought up to be scared

Of truth and freedom of speech.


Afraid to try and achieve

the dreams we want to reach

We are taught to say words

But not to feel the words we say.




I hate my maths teacher

She is a motor mouth

She could talk for Ireland

She doesn’t’ stop talking she agitates me.

She is forever on a mad one

You’re not really teaching me if

You don’t shut up talking.

You tell us to write stuff down

And talk over us, it is so confusing.

And annoying and nobody is listening to you.




I love the sesh

It’s a mad whopper buzz

Big box little box

Whopper hash whopper hash

That’s what we do

Big mad me and the crew

He gets the joints I get the glue.


People go on the sesh because

They’re in pain and want to get

Forget about life

Some people get too drunk

And take drugs.




I speak two languages

I love going back home for summer

I never really got used to living in a different country.

I love football and video games.

My grandad actually got blown up by dynamite.

My Mum and Dad support me.

I would love to move back home.




I love fighting I get into loads of fights

That’s why I join fighting.

I love football I love playing the game

I score every game

I can do something with it.

I’m linked with English teams

I get trials for other teams in Eirtricity League, Ye!

I support Man United.

I love women too, ye.




The sesh is horrible.

It’s full of junkies and they

Have no life.

But I can’t help going on the sesh

Cause I love it and get the coke.

You’d wanna come or just go on a croak out

I’m a mad ting, ri.




Memories are precious to us all

if we don’t’ have them then we have nothing to keep.

If we don’t use them then we have nothing to use.

Memories and love keep us going in life.

Love is also precious,

if we don’t have it then we will feel lonely and hated

and think there’s nothing left in this life for us,

if we are not loved.

People should keep their loved ones close.

And their memories safe.

If you want to have a good life

And a loved life.




The thing that makes me happy is music.

Some songs remind me of memories

When I listen to music I’m in a completely different world.

I zone out of it.

To be honest some songs remind me of happy times and

some are sad and remind me of sad times

Most of the time I have me house bopping with tunes

And my dad telling me to “turn that shite off!”




My dad’s a bad person

He only calls when he needs recognition

He’s neglected and abandoned many times.

My sisters still love him.

I don’t know.




In December I was six

It was Christmas

I got a small box for Christmas

It was a pair of shoes

I looked up to me ma, mad confused about it.

I wanted my dolls, new fresh things.

I asked “did Santa bring me anything?”

She said, “he’s not real, I bought them with my own money”

These are now my shoes.




I’ve mixed feelings about him.

He cared for all his kids

But when I was at the age of two,

He didn’t care for his kids.

When I was with him, my Mam wasn’t there,

I didn’t even care.

Some other woman had me in her care.

Finally I was six

And now I can’t even leave my Mam’s side.

I was confused at the time,

didn’t have one clue what was going on.

Now I do.

Fuck him.




I’ll never forget the first time I got chased.

The adrenaline and the race

Of my heart in my chest

As I hopped that fence

I’ll never forget the relief

As I stopped to catch my breath

I felt on top of the world

Untouchable and strong.

But that feeling didn’t last long.

Because I wasn’t as lucky

The next time I got chased.




Colm said don’t write about pizza,

But I don’t care

I’m surprised it wasn’t covered in hair

Considering it was from Apache.


I should probably stop because I’m getting fat

Sometimes I look in the mirror

And see someone beautiful,

But sometimes I see a horrible beast

I feel like shit after a nice big feast,

Perhaps the pizza,

It’s killing my brain cells.


At the competitions the judges say

I’m not fit enough

But I love to dance,

So fuck you, Lance.




I liked the Halloween break

It was nice

I had steak

With lots of spice

I played games all day

Enjoyed some time with my family

If you ask me should the break have been longer

I would say, probably.

But now I have to go back to school

Doing shit subjects

Sitting on a stool.




Love is a mystery

It is unexpected and strange

Love is a drug

It is addictive and a trap.

Love is with your family

It is strong and life-long

Love is danger

Love is cruel

Love is unforgiving but

Love is sweet

And love is you.




My life’s a lie

My cousin’s in the joy

And fuck I just swallowed a fly.

I feel like I’m gonna die.




My family are bad

They make me go mad

I love them though.

They make me happy.

My big brother always annoys me.

And so do my little ones.

I’m stuck in the middle.

They bring me on adventures

All the way to get my nanny dentures.

But sometimes they bring me up to Croagh Patrick.

To spread the ashes of my Great Auntie.




For us to be who we are

we’re told to express ourselves.

But with that comes the criticism

the the thoughts of not being loved.

We should realise that

every star in the sky

every eye that we meet

Every thought that we keep

Is different and unique.

When our feelings run deep

We learn to keep things short and sweet.

But in the end

Our feelings run deep.




I’ve lost my water bottle

I’ve lost an extension of myself

I find myself looking for it.

Even in my dreams.

Someone give me back my bottle

I’m dehydrated and I can’t think straight.

Dehydration is my only fate.

I’m thirsty.