Donal Monahan


We’ve nothing left to say

And nowhere left to hide

Stranded at a crossroads

Dead ends on either side


We’ve drifted apart

I know we have

It’s your fault and it’s mine

We’re in a rut

I hate you now

No, we won’t cross the line


Is this as low as we can stoop

With nowhere left to go?

It’s like a never-ending loop

Shuffled to and fro

I’ve lost my mind now,

You should know

We’re fucking here together

Bored to death no, here we go

You have me stuck in limbo.





I never really knew what it was.

I thought it was all a joke.

It was October of last year was the first time that we met.

It was something new, it was something scary

but I got a glimpse the moment you spoke.

As we got to know each other more and more my heart began to set.

You were on my mind 24/7 of each day you were someone I couldn’t forget.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I was with you, I was as happy as I’ve been.

My feelings grew more and more

and to try and keep them was a hard score.

There’s been a couple of times, just  a few.

When we’ve been out together and I didn’t say it

but there was one night I couldn’t hold it in and said “I love you”.


Koka Noodles

Hugh O’Sullivan


Taking out the flavouring packet

After ripping off the packaging

Pushing the button for the hot water

And throwing the plastic vegetables in the bin

Eating all the noodles after they have cooled a bit,

Burning yourself from the water

Running to get the first aid kit.

As you finish all the noodles

Your body becomes loose,

My favourite thing I love to do is drink the koka noodle juice!


The Goal


It was a cold winter’s day

Outside for a game of ball

I wasn’t really bothered but I thought “give it your all”.

The game was 2-2

Close as can be

I was outside the box then the ball came to me.

It happened so fast I didn’t realise,

I kicked the ball and to my surprise

It nestled in the net and the whistle blew

My team had won the game



My family reunion – Milo Herbst


My family were singing and dancing

The moment our relatives arrived

I could feel the love from miles away

But sadness and tears were still lingering

Cause everyone wanted to stay

All of us sitting around the table talking

Like our own version of thanksgiving

I will miss my grandad, my uncle until the day I die

But my heart will always be joyful and grateful

To see them that one time.


Landsdowne Road 2006 – Jack Curran


It was a sunny evening in 2006

My first Ireland football match

Landsdowne road, Brazil v Ireland

Great seats right beside the pitch

Myself, Mam and Dad all travelling in together.

Some of the best players in the world.

Ronaldinho taking a corner beside me

Players I’ve watched on TV flash before my eyes

A special moment in my childhood

One I’ll never ever forget

One I’ll tell people for the rest of my life.


Dropped – Ryan O’Dwyer


Midway through the session the coach waddled over and said

“I’m sorry son you’re dropped, go on back home to bed”

The disappointment  engulfed me. I was in utter shock

The moment that it hit me, goodbye, farewell, good luck

There was nothing left inside me,

All my hope was lost.

I would never be on the panel, to watch the coin toss.

But suddenly a hero emerged, as if he was from the dead

“Come on my son you can get through this

Just please just lift your head”

So back on the pitch I went, like a lion that’s just been fed

You will get back on it my son, you’ll make it happen, Dad said.


All Ireland

David Monahan


It was the third Sunday in September, hurray

Today marked all Ireland day

Everybody was only wearing blue today

I got the bus to North Strand Road

On it were a bleedin load

Everyone only thinking how much Brogan would score

Maybe even two-four

The crowd were screaming

When the ball was given to Kevin Mc

Dublin won

Match was fun



Joseph Whelan


I remember my family had a day out

We reached the beach and everyone walked.

They all got into their shorts and went in the sea

I wasn’t a fan, so it was just my Grandad and me

For the first time in a long time we had a good chat

And discussed a lot like how his favourite bar was a kit kat.

I shared with him my secrets and stories.

He told me about his holiday in Gorey.

If I only knew there when I was ten,

That I was never going to see him again.


First Day of School

Charlie McGowan


I remember being dragged out the door

Being dragged from the car door to the class floor

I remember when the class started

And that’s when I farted.


I knew I was nervous

Especially cause the girl beside me was gorgeous.

My feelings were flying

But so were my farts.

That’s when I shit myself,

On the first day of school.


Precious Memory

Shane Muldowney


I remember the day as if it was yesterday

It was a sunny day in July

It was the last day of school,

Everyone thought they were so cool.

Happiness was the best word to describe everyone.

We watched through old videos and pictures of our time there

We knew we were about to move on to secondary school

But we didn’t care.

We didn’t know that life wasn’t’ about to get easier from there.

We didn’t know about the change

we were about to face in secondary school

School was about to get tougher

And Life was about to get rougher.



Jake Andrews


You stand up there

As though you are great

Putting me down

As though I deserve it

Demanding respect but

Giving none at all

What makes you think

You have the right

To put me down

For a simple mistake



Davey Gannon


Do you remember that day out in Clare

As we stood on the cliff-face

Feeling that cool Atlantic air

I remember the waves, the power and pace

And the cold salty spray that fell on my face.

I remember your warmth and you wore a smile

And I wanted to stay there for a while.

I remember the seagulls and them singing a song.

I remember thinking, this is where I belong.


Joe Fanning


I hated that day

The day where the sky was grey and it was lashing rain

The day when the floors were sticky and the walls filthy

The day when your ma was screaming and dogs barking

The day when your phone wasn’t charged and the internet was down

The day when there was nothing in the fridge but mayonnaise

The day when you’re in school and get a load of homework

The day when the car breaks down on that country road.

The day you walk home and forget your key

I hated that day.


Out the Door

John Kelehan


She dashes towards the door

Tail wagging and mouth panting

As the tennis balls hit the floor

Her eyes bright and shining.


Her bark loud as can be

While I get the lead.

All because she wants to chase the bees

And to get outside, to be free.


As the door lock unravels

Me and Lexi are off on our travels.


Will Hamill


I don’t really see the point in school.

Who needs to know when Hitler died?

Sure you learn most things at home

And if you think about private schools,

you’re paying to do something you don’t want to do

Aw, the teachers, I hate the bloody teachers.

They try to put ideas into your head,

yeah sure we might need some.

But who wants to know what E=MC squared means

because I know I don’t.

So I don’t really see the point in school.

I never did.

And I never will.


Jaime Daly


Long chats and little giggles

Not forgetting a dozen cups of tea

Saying good-bye with a sad, long sigh,

My granny and I.


Through the good times and the bad

Memories made, moments had

My best friend, I can’t deny

My rock, my light,

My granny and I.


Gabriel Harding


Out in summer in sunny fields

Flaking out with the boys in the long grass.

Laughing about funny moments

that happened the night before

Going back to my family at night

In for my dinner

Chilling out in bed with my dog.

New day new thing to do

Playing football with the boys

Going out to a party later.


Cian Costello


The sound brings you back in time,

peaceful and calm.

The feeling of the sun’s rays

on your body is like no other.

Little fish at your feet

feeding on bits of ham.

The older people felt famous to me,

having fun and swimming around.

I remember playing mini-golf

by the lake feeling like Tiger Woods,

The golf club now probably

two inches off the ground.


The Race – Eoin Faherty


I remember the first time I rode my bike

I was practicing all day and night

I remember my parents were out

Then I was flying about.

My parents came home

I knew I had to show them

I sped around the whole estate

Thinking I was great

With the biggest smile on my face

Knowing I won the race.




Once I was playing a match

The other team seeming 6 foot tall

It was the last minute

my team passed me the ball.

I bet a player before launching the ball

into the sky and chipping the keeper.

He was a short guy.

The whistle blew loud

the ball crossed the line

the crowd roared

they knew now that this time we won the final.

I went to lift the trophy,

Shining, in the now glaring sun.


Mati Karski


…. a leaf


on the roof of a car.

It stays there a moment and

flies off again.


Water streams

down the window.

Washed by light.


A gentle hum –

a new day is born.


Michael Sheils


I don’t use lipstick on my mouth

I just get all the pigment out

I use the red to cover the blue

To keep the darkness from coming through.

I don’t dare look down at it

Because I don’t like the idea of red wrists.

I don’t like to think of what could be

So I make sure the process goes quickly.

But I’ll admit I love the pain

Released through a lipstick stain.