Sport makes me happy,


it keeps me in check,


without sport


I think i’d be a wreck


Oh yes in a right jock


Is what I would be


Sport is important


for my mental security


It makes me feel happy


helps me steer clear of sadness


Relief from stress and worry


And all the world’s badness




There’s always that one kid


Who gets told what to do


Pushed into the lockers


Gets rumours spread about them


Gets called names


They feel lonely


They feel like they have nobody


There is always that one kid


Who thinks they’re better than everyone else


The one who spreads those rumours


Who pushes that one kid into the locker


You get to choose what kid you want to be.


Be the right one




It’s those nasty little comments


Walking past me on the street


It’s the slagging and jeering


Making me stare at my feet


Looking me up and down at a party


That makes me feel aware


Make a wrong move


You’ll catch me with your stare


Why even bother like


going out of your way


Everytime to bring up the past


Without a doubt everyday


I couldn’t be arsed like


you’re nobody to me.


But a little stain on my top or a


Rat on the street


Grow up and move on


Like everyone else


You’re wasting your time


You’re a head melt.




Love is death and death is love


Sometimes the things you love most


Need to die


A family member, a relationship, a friend, a pen, a song The feeling of belonging.


When the time comes for things to die


There will always be a reminder of what things cost For the thing you loved that died


A new thing will emerge and you will grow to love it too But that thing will die, and you’ll miss it everyday.




Three days a week is when I see you


In your blue van for the smallest time


Twenty minutes of your day


You ask why I’m not full of chat


Because you drop me off and that is that.


You tell me we can go for a game of pool


But you’ve never come through,


Always leaving me with an excuse,


Always leaving me at the front door in the rain


Till I see you again for the next training.




Friendship can be love


friendship can be hate


When you love a friend ye feel


Ah yeah,


There’s me mate,


Ye can be part of someone else,


Feel you’ve made


An impact.


Make them afraid to love ye


Or to never give them hate


But when that friendship breaks,


You might not cry, cause you’ll


Say to yourself they’re just being fucking sly.


You may even spread a lie,


But when you see no-one


That really cares, you go


Back to that friend and


Say you’ll always be there.




Friends and family


I love with all my heart,


It’s something you can’t buy.


It’s something not everyone has


But it is something special to people’s hearts.


So those who have it


Love it with all your heart




Home from school everyday


The same shit each way


Being bullied was a common thing for me


As a young child everywhere


Being fat, being annoying,


clothes I wore you name it.


But there was hope


just like for anyone else


I wanted to change not for looks


For my dignity


I loved lots of things when I was young


But there was one sport


There was one football


People just say “oh it’s only a sport”


For people like me this is life.


This sport gives us the courage to


Speak out and improve


on what we have.


The amount of things


I have learned from this “only sport”.


Passion, courage, opinion,


understanding, improvement.


This is football.




The Driver


Nothing angers me so much as myself


For I  believe I am destined for greatness, not just rest


He judges people for things he is guilty of himself


And because of that paranoia does not help


One finds it hard to make the decision about oneself Is one a walking contradiction or a beating chest




The things we say


Stay the same


Never think to make a change


For fear of judgement from the world


Where right is right and wrong is wrong


And there’s nothing in between


And to take a stand and speak your mind


Is a crime in the public eye




Family and friends


You love and you lose


The best times don’t come as easy as


You choose


You love and you cherish


Some more than others


But at the end of


The day


They’re here to stay.




Free class in the main hall


Collected early


Received an urgent call


Greeted at Crumlin


By the stench of grief


Chloe’s mother collapses


at my feet


Curtain is drawn


there you lay


Tubes surrounding your


Frail frame


Nurses surround me


I say goodbye


Full of regret


I cry




Arriving at the airport it still feels surreal


2 years in the making and it’s finally here


But two weeks has passed, it’s time to go home


The first hug is giving and here comes the lump in your throat.


You reach the last goodbye and you can’t keep it in


You go through the gate and wave that very last goodbye Arriving at the airport it still feels surreal


2 years in the making and it’s actually done.




I have eleven cousins


But two I never see


Because they live in Tokyo


Off across the sea


I saw one once, when I was 9


And he was only three


But ever since then they’ve been gone


Off across the sea.




are people who are always there


Even when they make you want to pull out your hair From love to anger frustration and more


They’ll always be there when you need them the most.


Although some friend groups may always change.


There’ll always be a bond that no one can break.



Tea and Toast


Every Saturday morning sitting side by side


With the telly on watching Tom and Jerry


You constantly asking me which is which


Completely in the zone, only you and me


Forget about the world it’s only you and me


I’ll never forget the day you left


You took a part of me


You’ll always be my Nanna Kelly


Who likes toast and tea


And sitting side by side watching the telly.