By: Jamie


School: Mount Seskin


One Out of Ten
One out of ten
Girls nowadays are
Only out on the sesh
Think they’re mad
Going on the patchy.
Their face and body
Like a tub of curry
Slagging and dissing
All the other girls sitting
In on a saturday night
With a bag of ice
A few drinks with friends.
While they’re walking home
On a Sunday morning.
Walk of shame.
The talk around town.
“She’s a little yolk”
“Shagged for a bag”
“Little session moth”
“Cheating on her fellas”
Wouldn’t be the first time.
One out of ten
Boys are the same
All these birds getting played.
Even though he has a girlfriend.
He’s texting all these side chicks
Asking for nudes.
She’s say no.
He sends a nude of his mate
And saying to his side chicks
Nude for a nude.
I’ll send first
She says okay.
Then he screenshots.
Sends to all his mates.
The girl gets all upset.
Texting the f**kboy back.
What are you doing.
Sending my pics around like that!
I trusted you like.
I told you about my life.
You’re making a show of me.
Get my photos deleted please.
It’s too late.






By: Alan
School: Mount Seskin
What I Hate
Getting into me bed.
The pillows touch my head.
The streetlights outside gleaming.
And I just want to be dreaming.
Car alarms roaring.
All my family is snoring.
And me, I just can’t sleep.
My hatred for insomnia falls deep.
School starts in two hours.
I let out a huge sigh.
Now I have to ask myself
Why oh why?






By: Modupe

From: Mount Seskin




I received the best gift today
To see my grandma once again
So far and so long ago
My grandma was my favourite person in the world
But one day she just had to go
I ask about her everyday but my mum
Denys it all.
Now I know what she meant
Love you grandma till the end.