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Welcome to South Dublin Epic.

A journey through speculative fiction with young writers from South Dublin.

Tales of elves returning from the sea are spreading in this green and fertile land.

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Everything was destroyed by the great event.

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The Doctrine Wars almost destroyed human civilization until a new power called The Authority rose in the south and won a hard fought peace.

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Oil was never discovered and all technology is clockwork, driven by steam power and alchemy.

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This Year's Stories

Clondalkin Youthreach 2021

Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off which startles everybody around me on the main floor of the hospital. Then in a matter of seconds, the alarm turns off and so do the lights. Screams are heard coming from the floor above us and there is this strange sound, almost as if someone or something has pins for feet.

by Jesse

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The Blacksmith offered to come with me on my journey, and told me that there were people that could help us, other survivors from his village, in a settlement near Clondalkin.

by Cathal Jewell

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